Athens Tourism

المسافرون العرب

Tourism is in the city of Athens

The Greek city of Athens has a strong tourism sector, and it is vital; it is considered one of the most famous, and most prominent tourist attractions, and cruises from among the cities of the eastern Mediterranean. Thanks to the presence of many attractions, attractive tourist sites, including: , Restaurants, cultural centers, natural monuments, and many more.

The most important tourist attractions in Athens

The Greek city of Athens contains many attractions and attractions, and the following is a mention of the most important:

Lycabettus Hill

Lycabettus Hill represents one of the most important features of the city of Athens; it is a natural mountain hill with a height of about three hundred meters, and is located on its summit, Saint George Church, an archeological church dating back to the nineteenth century AD.

The New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum is one of the most important museums of the city of Athens, characterized by its architectural design in a modern style that is in harmony with the classical nature of the surrounding world, knowing that its opening was in the year two thousand and nine. It is worth noting that it contains within it many artistic works, and historical relics that show a glimpse into the history of Greece at the height of its prosperity through a unique cultural and historical experience.

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Cycladic Art Museum

The Museum of Cycladic Art displays a large number of works of art, historical artifacts, and statues from the ancient Cycladic civilization, and pieces that express ancient Greek art dating back to the Bronze Age, along with its antiquities Cypriot.

The archaeological site of Acropolis

The Acropolis site is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the west, and it is characterized by its location overlooking the rest of the city, and the landmarks of the city, and its wonderful architectural design, where visitors, and tourists can wander through the facilities of the site, and see the views.

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Olympic Temple of Zeus

The Olympic Temple of Zeus is considered the largest temple in the country, and it is one of the most important monuments of the city of Athens, as it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design that appears in its huge, tall, stone pillars, which number 104 in the Corinthian style.

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