Austria’s customs and traditions Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that has a distinctive character and is characterized by many customs and traditions that make it distinct among all countries. Austria is located in the middle of Europe and bordered to the north by Italy and Slovenia and it shares borders with the Czech Republic, and its capital is Vienna.

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Austria’s customs and traditions

The official religion spread in Austria is Christianity, and it varies between Catholicism and Protestantism, besides there is a percentage of Muslims in Austria that does not exceed 4%. The German race constitutes most of the population of Austria, and there are other minorities that include Croats, Slovenes, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, and Rome, alongside immigrants from the Turks, Bosnians and Serbs. Croats, and the official language in Austria is German.ViennaVienna Read also: Customs and traditions of France

The Austrian home ..

The home or home in Austria is a very great value for the Austrian people, so it gets a lot of attention from them, so they consider the home to be the most important place because they depend on it for rest and relaxation, as well as the place where they communicate with their friends and establish their most important relationships and consolidate them. The Austrians are keen to make their home Stylish and choosing his furniture and every corner in it carefully in proportion to their culture and personalities, and they are keen to invite their friends and family to the meal and give them dinner invitations, as it is the ideal place for the Austrians to consolidate their relations and strengthen the connections between them. There are some people in Austria who are keen to organize FH and beauty Mnolhm Vitlpon of the guests take off their shoes outside the home when coming to visit them.Austria homes
Austria homes

Family relations ..

The Austrians are very keen on family relations, and although most families in Nesaa are small and they do not tend to have many children, they are keen on strengthening relations between them. It is sacred in Austria to spend the holidays and weekends at home or on picnics with the family, and spend a lot of Time to have fun with one another at dinner or hiking in the parks and enjoying the air.The family in AustriaThe family in Austria

Gifts in Austria ..

One of the forms of social communication that the Austrians are keen on exchanging gifts with each other, especially between family members as well as between close friends, on special occasions and on holidays and birthdays. The Austrians are keen on elegance and beauty, so they are interested in presenting gifts elegantly and prefer to give flowers, and they have customs Especially with the provision of flowers, they prefer to present a bouquet of flowers with odd numbers, and they stay away from presenting chrysanthemums, red carnations and lilies because they have bad connotations in their beliefs. Children in Austria are waiting for gifts presented to them every year on the sixth of December on the occasion of Eid Saints, as they wait for Santa Claus gifts, to celebrate New Year’s holidays. Read also: Germany’s customs and traditions

Respecting appointments ..

The Austrian people have acquired from the culture of the continent of Europe a habit of respecting dates, as this is a sign of mutual respect for Austrians, and delaying appointments is a sign of disrespect for people. The matter also applies to friends’ meetings and family and personal resolve, then the deadline for dinner dinner should be respected, for example.

Kiss the woman’s hand ..

The Austrians maintain the application of etiquette rules as part of the beauty they are keen on in their dealings and lives, and it is customary for men in Austria, especially the elderly, to kiss the woman’s hand when greeting as a kind of appreciation and concern for women. In spite of this, it is not acceptable for a non-Austrian man to Any other country by kissing the hand of an Austrian woman. Another etiquette applied by the feminists is that men do not accept each other when greeting, and are satisfied with shaking hands and communicating with the eye. When entering a place where a group of people prefers to greet each one separately, including the children in the place, Instead of L DONC collective tribute to Hamia.Greetings to women in AustriaGreetings to women in Austria

Packages in Austria ..

One of the habits of resolve in Austria is that the guest bring a special gift to the people of the house, and that he arrives at the appointed time for the determination without any delay. He must not sit at the table before the home owner directs him to sit and start eating, and he must use his own napkin on the table He places it on his feet after sitting on his own chair. It is etiquette in Austria for a person to eat all the food presented to him in his dish and leave it completely empty, and after finishing the meal the owner of the house offers a tragedy of wine as a special toast for the guest or the most important guest.Packages in AustriaReadings in Austria Read also: Tourism in Hallstatt

Formalities at work ..

The Austrian people prefer separating the work and the special relationships of your own people who do not try to mix and consolidate the personal relationships between their business partners, and are keen to use the official words in the work. Creation and mastery at work. And the Austrians set the dates of business meetings about 3 or 4 weeks before it so that there is an appropriate opportunity to prepare for the meeting and also apologize before it at an appropriate time if an emergency thing occurs, because apologizing for the date of the meeting or work and canceling it at the last and It is evidence of insolence and disrespect, and it is possible that the work between two parties may end due to this matter.Work in AustriaWork in Austria source

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