Autumn fun in Canadian Montreal

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Speaking of world capitals and destinations worthy of a visit this fall, our beautiful Canadian city of Montreal immediately comes to mind.

Canada enjoys a large proportion of Arab tourism, unlike its beauty in the autumn when it is covered in stunning color tones of pine, maple and fallen leaves, it is also a welcoming city for all and able to embrace all cultures.

When you walk around in Montreal, you can find Arab, Indian, African, Asian, and other communities. Montreal is also fused with these cultures. By visiting the city center, you will find shops of all kinds and restaurants that suit every community at reasonable prices.

Montreal is also distinguished by its welcome and humble people, where visitors can integrate easily as if they were citizens, and this trait is one of the most important secrets of Montreal’s success in tourism.

The Canadian city attracts more than 15 million tourists annually from different continents of the world, where during the visit they enjoy watching many beautiful and entertaining landmarks.

We have gathered for you the most beautiful monuments in the Canadian city of Montreal that can be enjoyed during your visit this fall:

Parc de Mont Real

A picturesque park is one of the most important attractions in Montreal, where it is located on Mount Royal and is an ancient garden established in the nineteenth century.

The park includes lush greenery and is designed with special paths for cycling. It is also possible to sit on its charming lake to contemplate the beauty of nature during the fall.

Jacques Cartier Square

This field got its name from the period of the French occupation of Canada, and it is a tourist field with a privilege filled with tourists during the summer period and filled with vendors, stalls and shops.

The field also enjoys French architecture, as if you were in Paris, where French buildings and French cafes spread the smell of baked goods, and the field is a place to meet and photograph near the old port.

Botanical garden

A botanical museum open to lovers of identification with nature, which contains 22 thousand species of rare plants in an area of ​​75 hectares.

This garden is the largest botanical museum in the world and its exhibits differ from plants according to the flowering season, and it contains many specialized plants such as types of roses, Chinese and Japanese plants, and others.

Science Museum

A wonderful and enriching experience for adults and children alike, this scientific museum located on King Edward’s pier in the old harbor holds you rich experiences in arts and technology.

In the museum, you can attend the interactive technology presentations at the IMAX theater and learn the techniques of filmmaking, or participate in interactive games about the impact of humans on the environment of the planet Earth.


Chinese food, Chinese goods at reasonable prices, Chinese community, and Chinese shops as if you moved to Beijing!

Those who love Chinese culture and Chinese restaurants who serve real Chinese food will find it enjoying wandering around this neighborhood and can return with some elaborate Chinese purchases.

Ponscore Market

This place is similar to the Paris neighborhood of Montmartre, and it is located on Saint Paul Street within Old Montreal, where you can shop and buy paintings, antiques and furniture.

The market also contains accessories stores for handmade products, souvenirs, restaurants, photo galleries, auction shops, traditional costumes and hobbies such as postcards and stamps.


A beachfront site developed as a distinctive tourist destination with a great location and a coastal pier along the coast making visitors get a pleasant cruise.

You can enjoy the sunset and the horizon view of Montreal from this unique location. There are also several cafes, restaurants and shops that add fun to the tour.

In addition to these landmarks, in Montreal, you can also enjoy visiting many other landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Grand Bibliotheque Library, La Fontaine Garden and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Autumn fun in Canadian Montreal - Autumn fun in Canadian Montreal
Science Museum

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Jacques Cartier Square

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Ponscore Market

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Parc de Montreal park

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Botanical garden


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