A visit to the Greek island of Santorini is an amazing opportunity to enjoy a different concept of relaxation, as this small island meets the characteristics of beauty, comfort and luxury.

But before you pack your bags to Santorini, you must consider some points to make your trip extremely enjoyable and practical, as there are some exaggerations or unnecessary experiences to enjoy in Santorini.

Learn the most important tips to avoid Santorini visitor errors and indulge in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Don’t expect Santorini to be like Mykonos

Life in Santorini is different from Mykonos Island, while Mykonos has a bustling life, parties and music the same atmosphere is not available in Santorini.

Many visitors to Santorini are surprised by the prevailing calm, due to the fact that Santorini is an island of relaxation and quiet enjoyment. If you want a concert, you can arrange a reservation with one of the Santorini resorts that offer some parties.

No need to spend too much for a meal

Santorini restaurants in Oia and other tourist cities demand exorbitant amounts for a meal on Santorini with an attractive sea view.

But don’t let appearances deceive you, as you can enjoy delicious Santorini dishes with traditional restaurants in the old town, and you will be surprised that the view from there is no less amazing, because all destinations of Santorini are beautiful.

The incredible fairy tale of sunset in Oia

The town of Oia is located above a mountainous hill, and it is famous for the sunset scene for which thousands flock daily to book their place and watch the scenery of the sun disk landing in Santorini.

But this crowd loses you the opportunity to find a place as it wastes a lot of time, and it is essentially unnecessary because the sunset scene appears magical in Santorini in all regions!

Oia and Vera … don’t forget the rest of Santorini

Oia and Vera are undoubtedly beautiful towns. Most of the tourist photos of Santorini are from Oia and Vera, due to the large number of tourist resorts there and the famous white houses with domes and blue windows.

But Oia and Vera are not enough to get to know the beauty of Santorini, so you should not follow the tourist programs that restrict visiting Santorini in these two towns.

No need to ride a donkey

Donkey rides are an essential part of the Santorini tourism program, as these domesticated animals carry you on their ups and downs from Oia to the Amudi coast.

But this tradition is not as beautiful as it seems, this journey is very stressful and the high air temperature makes these poor animals in a deplorable state, a step that does not need to enjoy the island.

No need to visit the volcanic island

Tourism programs promote the importance of visiting the volcanic islands, which is a stressful journey in the high air temperature, and the island is not as beautiful as it appears in the pictures from a great distance.

When approaching the island, the shapes and colors of the rocks seem lacking in attraction, and the smell of sulfur in the water makes spending time there more difficult.

Do not go in August!

Although it is an ideal destination for a summer vacation, the temperature rises a lot in Santorini during the month of August, making it impossible to be on the beaches or the promenade.

Do not wear open shoes

Many wear light shoes while in Santorini, especially when going for mountain visits, but this is a big mistake as the high heat will inflame your feet and rugged rocks will make your steps difficult.

Do not choose to stay in a tourist town

Stay away from villages always crowded with tourists such as Vera and Oia. There are several villages where you can enjoy relaxation and calmness away from the hustle and bustle and high prices.

Head to the airport early

When you leave Santorini, you should pay attention to the necessity of going to the airport early for your appointment in a large period, as this airport is the only one on the island and therefore it is very crowded with travelers.

This crowd may make you simply miss your plane because the departure procedures are not completed in a timely manner, so you should consider heading to the airport earlier than usual in other international airports.

Charming sunset in Santorini
Charming sunset in Santorini

Experience accommodation in the quiet towns of Santorini

Experience accommodation in the quiet towns of Santorini

Have your meal in a quiet traditional restaurant
Have your meal in a quiet traditional restaurant

The views are charming throughout Santorini
The views are charming throughout Santorini

Discover the true beauty of Santorini
Discover the true beauty of Santorini

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