Azerbaijan Airlines: A detailed report on Azerbaijan Airlines

المسافرون العرب

Azerbaijani Airlines Azal is one of the world’s leading airlines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ICAO.
The Azerbaijani national airline dates back to 1992, to this day it has succeeded in reaching almost two million passengers to 40 destinations in 25 countries around the world through a modern and advanced fleet of 23 Boeing 757-200, 767-300 aircraft, Boeing Dreamliner 787-8, And Airbus A319, A320, A340-500.
The headquarters of the Azerbaijan National Airlines is located in the capital, Baku, and it is based on Heydar Aliyev International Airport, which is ranked among the best independent countries of the Soviet Union.
The following article deals with all inquiries that you may have in your mind and what you need to know about Azerbaijani Airlines before choosing to travel on its planes, so follow us.

Azerbaijan Airlines A detailed report on Azerbaijan Airlines - Azerbaijan Airlines: A detailed report on Azerbaijan Airlines

Characteristics of Azerbaijan Airlines

Comfortable chairs with perfect space to work and relax.
• Entertainment facilities for different ages and electronic shopping to ensure the traveler an enjoyable, fruitful and enjoyable journey.
• Various meals and drinks to suit different tastes of all classes of travel, while providing special meals for healthy and ideological dieters.
• Rewards and points programs for permanent travelers and their families, and different classes of travel that suit different budgets and provide many benefits that are accepted and satisfied by employees.
• A state-of-the-art modern aviation fleet that has regular maintenance and applies the highest safety and security precautions, with an experienced and trained crew on handling special cases for travelers such as pregnant women, children, newborns, patients and people with disabilities.
• Facilitating the procedures for obtaining visa and travel ticket through dealing with the website of the Azerbaijan Airlines Company on the Internet.
• Continuous electronic attention and follow-up of the luggage of travelers, ensuring that they are not lost and compensation in the event of damage, and the speed and ease of finding them in the event of this.

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Onboard services

The Azerbaijani aviation provides, on its planes, a range of high-level services that guarantee comfort, luxury and customer satisfaction of different class, such as:
the food
Azerbaijani Airlines offers free meals and hot drinks “tea and coffee” throughout the flight without limits for all classes of travel.
The menu varies according to the class of travel, season, duration, and destination of the trip. For example, the economic class with less than two hours travel time, for example, is limited to serving warm drinks only.
The Azerbaijani airlines also take into account food owners for ideological or health reasons in particular, as they are provided with meals that suit their diet, in addition to children’s meals that depend heavily on fruits and vegetables, provided that they are informed 24 hours before the flight date.
The Azerbaijani airways on its planes provide what provides comfort and luxury to its customers through a range of facilities such as chairs with leg room and a flat fee of 15 to 25 euros for persons aged 15 years and above who are able to follow safety and safety instructions for the plane.
Reclining chairs are requested while booking tickets through the company’s offices, or through customer service numbers, or upon arrival at the airport or boarding the plane.
Azerbaijan Airlines also provides controllers and tablets for use during the follow-up of the entertainment contents during the flight. The devices are equipped with reading lighting, earphone, microphone and an alert service with a phone and a keyboard.
Azerbaijan Airlines provides its passengers with a variety of forms of entertainment during the flight that make them feel time and their short and long trips quickly pass, they feel pleasure and contentment through a huge electronic library of the latest dramatic, comic and international documentary films in various languages, as well as a collection of musical tracks and electronic games fun.
the shopping
On the plane, Azerbaijan Airlines offers sales brochures, where you can shop and order your best perfumes, cosmetics and gifts while you are on the plane.

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Class of travel on Azerbaijan Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines offers 4 classes for traveling on its planes, each of them has its own advantages that can be identified and compared as follows:

VIP degree

It gives its traveler many advantages such as:
• Travel in the first cabin with comfortable flat chairs equipped with a power supply to charge phones, laptops and other electronic devices.
Provides bedding with furnishings for more than 4 hours on trips, games for trips over 7 hours, and gifts for children ages 4 to 10.
Priority boarding and rapid airport registration upon arrival.
Rapid check-in and check-out and priority entry for the hall for senior visitors and businessmen at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku.
• Obtaining permission to carry more baggage compared to other class passengers.
• An unlimited variety of rich foods and drinks of all kinds, with special menus that are prepared on request and booked 20 hours before the trip.
• The opportunity to see the catalog of sales, purchase and shopping of whatever you want during the trip, with the local and foreign newspapers and the Azerbaijani specialized magazine that review topics and tourist attractions around the world with a schedule of the company’s flights between the various airports.
• 17-inch tablets to track entertainment content, including movies, TV shows, games, and radio and audio content.

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Comfort club score

Comfort offers its passengers comfortable chairs with space to stretch legs, relax and do business, similar to the advantages of a VIP degree, but it differs from it in the size of the screen, which is followed by the recreational contents during the trip as it is offered in a size of 10.6 inches, with a hot towel provided before meals.

business class

The business class provides its travelers with comfortable chairs ideal for relaxing and doing business with a priority to go up, check-in, check-out and enter the business lounge, as it pays special attention to children from providing fun animated films for them to providing games, drawings and healthy meals loved to them.
Otherwise, the business class on Azerbaijan Airlines flights will see great similarities with both Comfort and VIP.

Economic class

Economy class on Azerbaijan Airlines flights provides many advantages for its passengers, such as:
Comfortable sliding chair, legroom and adjustable headrest.
• 10.6 ”flat touch screen to monitor different entertainment contents with overhead displays.
• Provides a bar for drinks and a snack buffet for trips longer than 4 hours, with the ability to book special meals 20 hours before the flight.
• A group of entertaining eyes and sleep mask for children.
• Providing a catalog of sales for in-flight shopping, with local and foreign newspapers, foremost of which is the newspaper issued by the National Azerbaijan Airlines.

Azerbaijan Airlines and baggage policy

The policy followed by the Azerbaijan Airlines with the luggage of passengers varies according to the class of travel as follows:

Economic class

Passengers of this class are permitted to carry one piece of 23 kg free luggage with a 10 kg portable bag, while flights from Baku to New York and vice versa are allowed two pieces of 23 kg per one.
If the baggage exceeds these weights, it will be accepted at additional charges.

business class

Passengers of this class are allowed to carry two pieces of free luggage with a weight of 32 kg per one, in addition to two pieces of luggage inside the cabin of the plane with a weight of 10 kg per unit, with an additional fee payable when carrying more luggage.

Comfort class

Passengers of this class are allowed to carry two pieces of free luggage with a weight of 32 kg per piece, with two pieces of luggage with a weight of 10 kg per piece, and for more luggage an additional fee will be paid.

VIP degree

Passengers of this class are allowed to carry 3 pieces of free luggage with a weight of 32 kg per piece, with two portable bags of 10 kg per bag.

The most important travel destinations for Azerbaijan Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines provides flights to about 40 destinations in 25 countries around the year, the most important of which are:
Azerbaijan Airlines flights to / from Baku
Azerbaijan Airlines flights to / from Dubai
Azerbaijan Airlines flights to / from Jeddah
Azerbaijan Airlines flights to / from Doha
Azerbaijan Airlines flights to / from Kuwait

Summary of customer reviews

Azerbaijan Airlines has received a rating of 4/5 from TripAdvisor visitors to book and evaluate flights, according to reviews and comments of about 454 people who have previously traveled with Azerbaijan Airlines.

Azerbaijan Airlines and ticketing policy

Travel tickets on Azerbaijan Airlines are booked for the different destinations that are included in their flight schedule through:
Heading to an Azerbaijani Airlines flight reservation office, booking a traditional paper ticket and paying for it in cash.
Go to one of the travel offices that deal with the national airline of Azerbaijan, the most famous of which is SW, or the authorized agents, or through the website of the Azerbaijani airline and book an electronic ticket and pay by credit card, where the reservation is confirmed by the receipt that confirms the name of the traveler and the route of the ticket and the value of the paid ticket that is required to print and keep it after End the procedures.

common questions

And now we answer the questions that may remain in your mind regarding transport and travel via Azerbaijan Airlines:

What is the Remove Miles program?

The Azal Miles program is a program that rewards permanent travelers on Azerbaijani Airlines by giving them points equivalent to the base fare on each flight they make via Azerbaijan Airlines or one of its partners from other international airlines.
The number of points removed by Miles varies depending on the destination and grade of travel, and can be relied upon to upgrade the membership from classic to golden then platinum, and to pay for upcoming trips through it.

How can I manage my account on the Azal Miles program?

You can manage your accounts on the Azal Miles system by purchasing and collecting points or using them through your personal account, which is created as soon as you join the program through the company’s website, or smart phone applications.

What are the most important advantages provided by family accounts on Miles?

The Family Account on Miles is a feature that the program provides to its members over the age of 12 who have a main account on it where they can create a family account for points that includes parents, spouse or children and benefit from them uniformly, with other types of points that benefit each person separately.

How can I create a family account with Miles?

You can create a family account through your main account on demise Miles by providing digital copies of foreign passports for parents and husband or wife with a copy of the marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates, and in the case of children over the age of 12 years, digital copies of their foreign passports are attached with birth certificates.

What is the procedure in case of losing the baggage claim?

In the event that the baggage is lost after a flight on the Azerbaijani Airlines, you must either report it at the destination airport where the company tracks your bags and gives you a reference number to follow the search progress where you can follow the procedures and receive your lost luggage when you find them using this number and your name.
As for if reporting via Company website You will receive a text message with the reference number and specify the destination and address of your baggage delivery the moment it is found using it and using the surname.

How much does it cost to transport unaccompanied children on Azerbaijan Airlines?

The travel fee for unaccompanied minors accompanying parents or legal guardians on Azerbaijan Airlines is 50 € for children from 5 to 18 years old, to be paid in advance when booking the ticket.
Note that the ticket for a child from 5 to 14 years in this case enjoys a 25% discount, while children from 14 to 18 years are treated as adults in the price of the ticket, and the accompanying appointment is not required by the company.

What are the conditions for carrying pregnant women and newborn babies on board the Azerbaijan Airlines?

Azerbaijani Airlines accepts the travel of a pregnant woman on her plane until the 26th week of her pregnancy, on the basis of an acknowledgment that the company disclaims responsibility for any complications that occur during or after the flight.
In the event that the pregnancy was after this period and specifically after the 32nd week, travel requires a certificate stating the health status of the passenger, sealed by her treating doctor in addition to the previous declaration.
Azerbaijani Airlines accepts the transportation of newborns and newborns on board their aircraft 7 days after birth, according to the birth certificate and accompanied by one of the parents or an accompanying adult over 18 years old.
In all cases, the Azerbaijani aviation is responsible for the safety of the pregnant woman or a mother and her child on board his flights only without any other airlines.

What are the most important facilities and services provided by the Azerbaijan Airlines to its sick and special needs passengers?

Azerbaijani Airlines includes its patients with special needs and passengers traveling on its flights with integrated care and care by providing and transporting wheelchairs, carriers and oxygen devices on the condition of ordering during booking tickets 48 hours before the start of the flight for a mobile and two to 3 hours for a wheelchair.
The trips also provide the feature of escorting pets for people with special needs in transportation and movement.
However, the traveler, who suffers from a certain medical condition or emergency, must take his medications with him and an instrument for their cooling. Azerbaijan Airlines does not provide this service on its planes.

How much does it cost to take a patient to a medical team during their flight on Azerbaijan Airlines?

The patient is required to accompany a private medical team to reserve 6 tickets in the first economy class, with full customs duties and the other five, at 75% of the value of the fees, in case the flight was departing from the capital, Baku.
If the international flight is heading to Baku, the accompanying five-seat fee will increase to 150%.

How can I be compensated if I am prevented from boarding the plane?

In the event that the reason for your refusal to board is the increase in the number of passengers compared to the number of seats available in the plane and in a manner that affects safety and security considerations, you will be compensated with a free alternative flight with a value starting from 200 to 1000 euros provided that you comply at the time of the specified check-in to the airport and you meet the conditions and rules of travel, otherwise your flight is canceled without compensation .

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