Badr city, Cairo

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It is one of the cities located in the continent of Africa, and it is the capital of the Republic of Egypt, as it is considered the capital of Egypt since it was unified by King Narmer in 3200 B.C. Maadi and Kafr Tohormos, and it is considered the largest city in the continent of Africa and the Middle East, and is inhabited by nearly eight million people, as it is considered the administrative and economic center in the country, because it contains most government departments and institutions.

Badr city, Cairo

It is one of the industrial cities located in the capital of the Egyptian Republic of Cairo, and is located along the Cairo-Suez road, 46 kilometers from the capital, Cairo, and to the western side of the new industrial city of Heliopolis. It is also linked through the Cairo-Ismailia road, which is characterized by its desert nature. With a length of 19 km, the city’s establishment dates back to 1982 AD after the approval of the construction order, and the most prominent feature of it is that it is a semi-administrative region in partnership with Cairo, and the city is affected by the dry climate, where temperatures throughout the year are relatively high.

Binding lines

The city possesses an important group of connecting lines through a network of regional roads, as it connects with many regions such as the Nile Delta, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea coast, and the most prominent external link lines with the city of Cairo are:

  • Badr line – Ramses.
  • Badr Line – 4.5K
  • Badr Line – El Shorouq Heliopolis (by an internal road).

She also had many external lines that are now missing, and she also owns two lines of transport to the interior.

City plan

The total area of ​​the tidal range is 18.5 thousand feddans, and the total infrastructure area reaches 12.3 thousand feddans, while the residential neighborhoods average reaches 5.4 thousand feddans, which are divided into many neighborhoods according to multiple levels, namely, economic, medium, and above average, and luxury, and that According to the following scheme:

  • Allocating an area of ​​500 acres for the construction of 981 villas and 3,678 apartments.
  • Allocating an area of ​​300 acres for the National Housing Project.
  • Allocating an area of ​​2.5 thousand feddans for the Abi Baitak project through 2307 plots of land to build 6921 housing units.

The urban planning of Badr City provides a set of plots of land for a group of different constructions such as educational, health, cultural, religious, recreational and commercial, as it contains a geographical area allocated to investment companies and leading housing projects, among the most prominent of these projects:

  • Mubarak housing project.
  • Future Society Housing Project.
  • Free housing and family housing projects.

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