Baghdad street (Baghdad street) is one of the famous streets in Istanbul, Turkey, and Baghdad Street is one of the best places that are usually filled with people from all over the world, because that street contains a large number of different and multiple shopping centers, which come a lot of All parts of the city and outside of it also to shop in that special place, where the length of the street reaches more than six kilometers, and all that distance is full of charm and beauty, and we will get to know more about the famous Baghdad Street located in Istanbul.

Baghdad street location:

Baghdad Street is considered one of the most famous streets that can be visited in Istanbul, and the most important characteristic of this important street is its distinctive location, Baghdad Street is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically the street extends from the municipality of Kadikoy, to the extension of the municipality of Maltepe, as the street It is one of the places along the famous coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the street is very important in Istanbul.

Services available on Baghdad street:

First: Shops:

Baghdad Street includes a large group of various shops, as Baghdad Street contains by extension various shops that have many different commodities, and some stores that are available in all local and international brands, in addition to the very appropriate prices, and there are many tourists who come to visit This place is for shopping and buying gifts.

Second: Restaurants and cafes:

Baghdad Street also includes a very large number of different restaurants in which many authentic Turkish food and dishes are served with its delicious and delicious flavors, which provides the pleasure of eating Turkish food in that living place full of passers-by and tourists, not only that, but Baghdad Street also contains a number A large number of cafes, in which all kinds of drinks are available for visitors to choose from, as well as delicious Turkish coffee, which can rest in a restaurant or café, eat meals and complete the shopping again.

Third: Turkish sweets:

Also on Baghdad Street there are a large number of sellers who are constantly on the street, who provide delicious Turkish sweets, children sweets, and other sweets that are preferred by adults and children, which are eaten while walking and shopping on the street.

Fourth: Bostanci Luna Park:

Among the features that distinguish Baghdad Street from many other streets in Istanbul is that the street is located next to it, the famous games city Bostanci Luna Park, which is one of the most famous entertainment cities in Istanbul, through which time can be enjoyed with family and children, and that Through a large collection of various entertainment games, electric and other favorite games for many children.

Fourth: Bridal Dresses Shops:

Baghdad Street is also considered one of the best streets through which all women’s accessories can be obtained for the wedding, as Baghdad Street includes shops selling wedding dresses, as well as men’s suits for marriage, and Baghdad Street is one of the most famous markets in Istanbul, which can Through it, getting wedding clothes, because it includes a very large number of stores selling wedding dresses, and this is what makes a person confused among a large number of different dresses. What is unique about this is that all the wedding dresses and accessories on Baghdad Street are sold at a very special and appropriate price and differ from The rest of the city.

Fifth: Places of prayer:

Baghdad Street also includes a very large group of places for prayer, which are scattered along and along the street, and these places include those dating back to the old Ottoman era, which have been present in that street throughout the ages, and Baghdad Street also includes a group of waterways along the street.

How to get to Baghdad Street (Baghdad street):

  • Baghdad Street is reached through the Aminono port, and the ferry that will go directly to the city of Kadkoy is taken, and then the sixteen vehicle is boarded, and then get off in the Kadkoy region.
  • It can also be reached by metro from Taksim Station, to reach Yani Kabi Station, then ride by Marmaray Metro and heading to Kadkoy Station to reach Bostonji Station and walk to Baghdad Street.

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