An integrated guide to Baghdad Street, one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, so how can it be reached? What are the most important activities that can be participated in? The most beautiful restaurant on Baghdad Street? And where can you get off in this vital place? We will know all the details on the Arab travelers website.
The reason for naming Baghdad Street in Istanbul is because of this name because, during the reign of Sultan Murad IV, he took the city of Baghdad, and then changed the name of the street in Turkey from the city to the Baghdad Street, and then during the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the rich concentrated in housing on Baghdad Street and accepted everyone To buy land in it as a kind of approach to the ruling Sultan.

How to get to Baghdad Street in Istanbul?

Baghdad Street is located in an area called “Kadikoy” in the Asian part of the capital Istanbul.
You can reach Baghdad Street via Taksim Square, by taking the “Dolmush” minibuses called Taksim Bustanji, which will take you directly to Baghdad Street.
You can also reach Baghdad Street by taking the ferry, which will take you to Kadikoy from the Asian part, and then walk for five minutes until you reach the street.

The many activities of Baghdad Street:

  • Baghdad Street contains many dazzling shops with international and Turkish brands that offer many goods, including clothes, colored shoes, cosmetics and accessories, which will definitely be a fruitful buying experience.
  • Many important events in the country are held on Baghdad Street, including national holidays and religious events, and you will find many football fans during the Turkey League as they roam the streets, encouraging their own squad or spectators for a football match in cafes.
  • After completing your tour, do not hesitate to visit the Turkish restaurants that extend along the street to taste the distinctive Turkish food or rest in the cafes across Baghdad Street.
  • It is enough for you to walk in the street to feel the beauty and splendor of the state of Turkey, where you will find the tourists walking with joy and without feeling bored, and if you get tired, do not hesitate to sit on the wooden benches that are located on the sides of the street. You can also buy sweets from street vendors or request Juice from the cafes on the street.
  • Near Baghdad Street there is the amusement park “Bostangi Luna Park”, which is one of the best places to bring some adventure and excitement to your visit to Turkey, you will find many games that breathe and terrify the hearts, in addition to intelligence games, electronic games halls and a lot of entertainment and fun. You will never feel bored during your visit to Baghdad Street and do not hesitate to discover the different places in it, for curiosity is the secret to enjoying time.

The most famous restaurants of Baghdad Street Istanbul:

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and known for their skill in preparing delicious Turkish and Arabic dishes, and among the most important restaurants that exist in Istanbul are the restaurants available on Baghdad Street.

  • Rajab Osta Restaurant Among the most important restaurants in Baghdad Street, which attracts tourists during their visit to Istanbul, because it is known for the diversity of dishes it offers between grills, excellent Turkish food and stuffed lamb, in addition to vegetable salad and seafood authority, sweetener dishes and appetizers, and the service they have is excellent and the staff are very friendly.
  • Starbucks coffee: If you want to drink coffee in this international chain, your chance is over, where you can sit in this wonderful place and enjoy drinking your favorite drink on the dazzling Baghdad Street and spend the best times with friends and family.

The most famous Baghdad Street hotels in Istanbul:

Among the most famous hotels in Baghdad Street are the following:

Rees Hotel Bostanci:

  • It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey and it is located a short distance from Istanbul Museum of Art and Music, and 10 km from the Square Square, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the city.
  • The hotel provides medical tourism places in addition to luxurious restaurants and a café and in the morning, it provides a free breakfast buffet in addition to Wi-Fi and a private car parking spot for free.
  • You will find many massages and room service available all the time as well as meeting rooms in the hotel if you like.
  • All rooms in the hotel are equipped with all the dreams of different electrical appliances and multiple channels on the TV. You can also order food in your room whenever you want, in addition to having free water bottles and free hairdressers in your bathroom. It will definitely be a unique experience.

Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi:

  • One of the most famous hotels in Turkey, which is near the Optimum Center, which is one of the five-star hotels where there are three international restaurants in addition to an integrated spa and a place to practice swimming, and provides you with Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel in addition to an integrated club, and parking .
  • The hotel offers you wonderful screens in the room in addition to twenty-four hour service, a mini bar and a special machine for the famous Turkish coffee.
  • Hilton Marriott Asia:

    • It is one of the best places suitable for families in Turkey, which provides many entertainment and amenities, it is near Ulker Sports and the most famous Turkish museums, and it is just 9 km from Florence Hospital.
    • In the Hilton you will find many eating places prepared by excellent chefs, in addition to the Olympic swimming pools designed in the fresh air and a complete spa. It provides you with Wi-Fi and many other services in addition to the fitness center that is open throughout the day in addition to a bar close to the pool.
    • As for the size of the Hilton, it provides 240 rooms, which makes it an excellent hotel, which provides many amenities such as American beds, comfortable pillows, and many excellent attractions.

    Bay Hotel:

    • One of the most suitable hotels in Baghdad Street for families, which is five kilometers from the children’s playgrounds, the famous كرlker Stadium, and about the Capitol Mall, ten kilometers away, which makes you in an average location for every place you want to visit to spend an impressive holiday in Turkey.
    • The Bay Hotel also offers many important activities and events where you will find two great restaurants, swimming and diving places, a spa, as well as a car park, Wi-Fi, international cafes, saunas, and business meeting rooms available all the time.



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