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Bahla Oasis

Bahla Oasis is considered one of the Omani cities that belong to the Governorate of the Interior, and one of the beautiful oases of Oman, which is characterized by the density of palm trees in it, as it is surrounded by a wall, and it is composed of many lanes that numbered about eighteen lane, and most of these lanes had their own entrance and exit, but with Recent developments have changed these lanes, as Bahla is known for its graduation by many scholars, who have had a great impact not only in Oman but also in other Arab countries, and popular beliefs prevail that Bahla Oasis is inhabited by the jinn.

The geographical location of the Bahla Oasis

Bahla Oasis is bordered on the west by the Bahla Valley, while the high mountains are surrounded by almost all sides, and there are some reefs that flow into the valley, and Bahla is considered a link between the surrounding areas, and the oasis, especially in its areas, contains many ancient archaeological sites, Like the archaeological sites in (Psia) on the banks of the Bahla Valley that date back to the third millennium BC, in addition to the site (Slot), which includes the remains of a fortress above the top of a hill, and there are many archaeological sites that are located within the Bahla Oasis and its tourist attractions are formed.

Tourist attractions in Bahla Oasis

Bahla Fort

Bahla Fort is considered the oldest and largest of Omani castles, and this castle is located on a high hill in the middle of the palm oasis, and the shape of the castle is a triangle while the area of ​​the southern facade has about 112.5 m, while the eastern facade has an area of ​​approximately 114 m, while the length of the curved northwestern wall is about 135 m And the history of the construction of Bahla Fort dates back to many historical periods, such as the period before Islam, especially the northern eastern part of it (the Kasbah), and the era of the Nabhani state, with which the construction of the eastern southern part in particular is linked.

The construction of the mountain house in the corner near the north of the castle dates back to the last ten years of the eighteenth century AD, while the modern house was built in the mid-nineteenth century AD, which increased the aesthetic of the multi-architectural design, or that combines many cultures and historical periods.

It is mentioned that the castle is made of mud, and the missile was not used in its construction, except in rare cases to build simple parts, and the castle contains seven wells and five towers, and the castle generally consists of three main parts on the most part which are the old part or the old castle known as the Kasbah, and the house The mountain that runs in the southwest corner, the modern house between the Casbah and the mountain house.

Oasis Wall

The presence of this fence is considered one of the unique features of Bahla Oasis from other oases in Oman, and the fence extends for a distance of about seven miles, and it is mentioned that there are some towers that support the fence, in addition to the soldiers’ rooms, and goals for arrows or rifles, and despite the old Bahla wall, but The date of its construction is unknown; some suggest that it is related to the Persian period, while another section believes that the fence was built by the Nabahinah who made the Bahla Oasis as their capital, and in addition to this the wall includes seven main sections of it: Bab al-Badi, Bab al-Sili, and Bab al-Sabah, And the door of Al-Batha, and the door of the beads, and the fence is distinguished by balt The architectural design of the distinct and subtle.

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