Bali city tourism guide

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Bali is one of the provinces of Indonesia and one of the most visited tourist destinations that visitors from all over the world flock to, as Indonesia includes many picturesque and charming islands, while Bali is the most wonderful and beautiful in terms of sandy beaches with clear blue water closer in color to the sky.
Bali is known as the vast area where it reaches about (five million six hundred and thirty six thousand seventy seven square kilometers), while its population density has been determined according to statistics in (2010 AD) equivalent to three million nine hundred people, know with us in Arab travelers the reasons for being one of the best attractions Tourism around the world.

The city of Bali

  • The first to live in Bali before more than two thousand years BC are the Stronten tribes who migrated from Taiwan to it via the sea in Southeast Asia.
  • As for the language and culture, its inhabitants are similar to the Philippine citizens, as well as the Indonesian archipelago tribes. Evidence for this is the rapprochement of traditional rocks next to the village of Cikk in the east of the island.

What’s on my mind

There are a lot of tourist places in Bali that attract millions of visitors every year from every point of view, and we mention some of them in the following paragraph:
Bali city tourism guide - Bali city tourism guide

  • Mount Bator: From the highest equivalent of one thousand seven hundred meters from that mountain, the sunrise can be clearly seen, in addition to the active sacred volcano in the Kitanami region in the central highlands, which is about an hour’s drive from Ubud.

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  • Pura Tanah Lot: It is twenty kilometers away from northwest of Kuta, and it is one of the famous temples because of its wonderful tourist site on a rocky island and the choppy waves around it, and for its inhabitants it represents one of the holiest Hindu temples and was built in the beginning of the sixteenth century AD.

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  • Ubud Monkey Forest: It is called the sacred monkey forest, and it is one of the most important areas that attract tourists, especially those who love animals, as they watch interesting passages presented by monkeys in a funny way.

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  • Ulu Wattu Temple: It is one of the six major Hindu temples in Indonesia and is distinguished for its presence at a height of seventy meters above the cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean and its blue waters.

Bali Honeymoon Island

  • In preparation for the wedding, the newlyweds often search about the best place to spend the post-wedding holiday known as honeymoon and will not find a better result from the picturesque and charming beaches of Bali to enjoy the best times on its sands and swim in its waters.
  • Bali includes a number of hotels and resorts specializing in receiving visitors with all interest and welcome and providing the necessary services related to the residence from rooms equipped with the highest level, as well as what is provided of food and staff trained to work efficiently on the comfort of residents of the hotel.

Best of Bali hotels

  • Melia Bali Hotel overlooks Nusa Dua Beach and is close to Collection Shopping Center.
  • The Fairmont Sanur Hotel overlooks Sanur Beach with clear blue waters.
  • The Kayon Resort overlooking the river (Petanu), which is fifteen minutes away from Monkey Park by car, while the distance between it and the Ubud Palace is about ten minutes.

Bali is most famous for its beauty and splendor, distinguished by its charming beaches such as Kuta Beach which is full of coconut trees and groups of water turtles, Seminyak Beach with fine white sand, Legian Beach and its nightclubs that offer the most beautiful singing paragraphs and refreshing cocktails, and many other beaches and places that It has made it the number one destination for anyone who wants an unforgettable vacation.


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