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Bali island

It is one of the islands of Indonesia, which is one of the distinctive tourist places in the world. It is worth noting that there are 800 different islands in Indonesia, Bali is located between the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean, along the equator and away from Jakarta about two hours by plane, and its shape is similar to the shape of the fish and therefore it is the shape of the fish and therefore it is Attracting huge numbers of tourists throughout the year with the aim of enjoying the stunning natural scenery, so it is the most important destination to go for a special and enjoyable honeymoon vacation, as there are many distinctive restaurants, scenic natural places and romantic beaches on the island Its splendor is everyone who visited it. It has a volcanic rock formation and is considered one of its most important features, and its capital is Denpasar.

Tourism in Bali

There are many places that can be visited in Bali, the most important of which are picturesque beaches such as Tusa Dua beach, where diving and parasailing can be practiced, and the beach of Ulu Watta has many historical temples, and Jimbaran Beach is one of the most important beaches for honeymooning, it is a romantic beach where you can Seeing a special sunset, which opens up the appetite for a special and quiet dinner. There are distinguished restaurants such as: Fair Warung Bale Restaurant and Warong Legong Restaurant.

The best times to visit Bali are between the months of April, September and October, during which various sports activities can be practiced such as: swimming, fishing, diving, visiting sandy beaches and lakes, rides and boats, as well as visiting museums and small villages that make handicrafts. Traditional.

Some festivals and celebrations are held in Bali on various occasions, perhaps the most important of which is the Festival of the Land of Gods, and in it you can enjoy watching shadow and bridal shows, visiting restaurants, and the wonderful beaches of Bali to enjoy calm, relaxation and recreation, the most important of which is Kuta / Legian Beach, and the tourist should not forget to visit the rice terraces The scenic, volcanic mountain range from west to east.

History of the island of Bali

The first European contact with the island was by the Dutch explorer Cornelis de Hautmann, and that was in 1597 AD, and then came the Dutch colonization in the nineteenth century that included the rest of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and the people of the island of Bali are closer to the tribes of the Philippines, the Indonesian archipelago, and the regions of Oceania.

Religion of Bali Island

Islamic religion in Indonesia is the religion in which the majority of the population owes, and despite this, about 83% of the population of the island of Bali condemn the formed and local Hindu religion, 13.4% condemn Islam, 2.5% Christianity, 0.5% Buddhism.

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