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Bali island

It is one of the islands located in the Asian continent, specifically in the Indonesian countries, and has a group of borders with neighboring islands; it is bordered on the western side by the Lesser Sunda Islands, Java, and from the eastern side of Lombok, and it is located on the equator on an eight degree to the south, and its area reaches The total is 5577 square kilometers, with more than 4.22 million inhabitants, and the most important distinction is that it contains mountain ranges in the central parts that exceed 3000 meters in height.


The city of Denpasar is its capital, with a total area of ​​127.78 square kilometers, with more than 840 thousand inhabitants, and administratively consists of four regions, divided into 43 sub-districts, and 209 villages, and its areas are: Celatan in the south, Timor in the east, and bars in The West, and Uttara in the north, is a major tourist destination in Indonesia, on white-sand beaches.

brief history

After the Austronesians migrated from the southeastern parts of Asia and Oceania, they reached the island of Bali in 2000 BC, and established settlements there. Due to the strategic location of Bali, nine other sects settled on the vast parts of the island.

During 1946, Bali was one of the thirteen administrative provinces of the eastern country of Indonesia, which in turn was competing with the Indonesian Republic for power as a Dutch garrison, and on December 29, 1949, the island gained independence from the Netherlands, and it became administratively affiliated to Indonesia.

the climate

The island is affected by wet, dry tropical wings, as it is affected by the monsoon coming from the western side during the period from October to April, and these winds carry rain, especially in March, while temperatures are moderate during the remaining months that range from 20 to 30 ° C.


The island depends on many sectors of its economy, the most prominent of which are:

  • Agriculture: It is one of the most important sectors on which the people of Bali depend. They depend on rice crops in the first place, and on fruit products and vegetables in the second degree.
  • Tourism: It is the main and first sector on which the island depends, because it contains many tourist attractions such as Kuta, Legian and Seminyak suburbs. It is also home to many real estate and service projects such as hotels and resorts, and contains more than 500 types of coral reefs. .
  • Culture: Culture has increased economic income, and many types of arts have emerged, such as painting, sculpture, wood carving, pharmaceuticals, and cooking.

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