Bangkok is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Thailand, as it is its large capital that contains many wonderful tourist attractions, in which you will find a large group of shops that sell the best goods and snacks, as you will find bars and quiet music that give hope and remove psychological problems, it is One of the most beautiful cities that encourages shopping and tourism, and the night markets in Bangkok are among the best places that contain the most skilled sellers and craftsmen and allow you to buy all the products you need, so you might want to shop at night, so there is no problem in Bangkok, the country of shopping.

The best night markets in Bangkok

Rot Fai Market

The Root Fai market, or as they call it the train market, is considered one of the best night markets in Bangkok, and it is like the great bazaar in the open air. With high quality, it is a huge market that is distinguished from the rest of the other night markets in Thailand, the market also contains restaurants and kiosks selling the tastiest snacks, and the market opens its doors in the evening from sunset until midnight, from Sunday to Thursday. The best ways to get to the market are taxi rides, you can go there with ease and enjoy a distinctive buying experience, and the market also has a large area for merchants to display their beautiful and exotic products to local tourists from around the world. The market also contains antiques and motorbikes and allows photographers to take the most beautiful memorial photos of products taking into account not to touch anything due to the fact that these products are of a rare and distinctive type and most of them are products imported from all over the world such as America, China, Europe, Myanmar and other other countries. Over 2000 booths selling shoes, household appliances, various apparel and toys at low prices to suit everyone.

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JJ Green Market

The JG Green Market is considered one of the coolest night markets in Bangkok, where everyone goes at the weekend and one of the best times that you can visit the market is from Thursday to Sunday, and the market contains a lot of distinctive products in addition to a big break for drinks and meals Light during shopping. The market contains a large group of shops and bars that have been built for a long time, and street vendors place their goods on temporary stalls or on the ground in the large car park located behind the market, and the shops that sell there sell cheap clothes The works of art, old cars, CDs, and shoes, phones, attractive posters, musical instruments, watches, digital cameras, as you can bargain on the prices to get products at a lower price, and there are cheap products are characterized by being very.

Asiatique Market

The Asiatic Market combines two of the best popular experiences found in Bangkok, namely the night market and the commercial center, you can go to it in just ten minutes from the Savann Taxin Bus Station, and the market contains more than 1500 shops and 40 restaurants specialized in selling the best meals and shops are also available. Which sells souvenirs, dolls, toys, and cheap clothes, and also offers a collection of the best attractive offers that tourists gather around to watch them. The market is divided into many parts, each of which specializes in selling a certain type of product. There are shops specialized in selling gifts and others that sell Products A. Handmade, jewelry, and shops specialized in selling Thai clothing, brands, and goods at reasonable prices. The market also contains high-end restaurants that offer italyn, Thai, and delicious seafood. There are also cafes, bars, and restaurants that sell local Thai food at reasonable prices, and mass shows are held in theaters that are there. Attractive attract tourists and families from all over.

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