Bangkok Tourist Islands

المسافرون العرب

Bangkok tourist islands

The tourist islands of Bangkok are a group of islands that are located in Thailand, and it is called the paradise of the earth for the beauty of its enchanting nature, so the islands of Bangkok are considered one of the best tourist destinations around the world; With its clean beaches, cool air and calm.

Phuket Island

It is one of the most famous islands of Bangkok, 863 km away from the Thai capital, Bangkok. It follows in its scope 39 small islands. This island is distinguished by the beauty of its nature, green mountains, and rubber forests. Of the wild and marine creatures, there are many types of huge turtles, fish, sharks, elephants, and many other animals, and visitors can visit the Grand Theater to see one of the legendary classic shows, which often express the history of the island.

Kuusamo Island

It is also called Dream Island due to the beauty of its picturesque nature. This island is located in the south of Thailand near Siam Bay, with an area of ​​60 km, and is classified within the second place after Phuket by area, and the meaning of its name is safe haven. This island is famous for the presence of coconut trees and rubber in it, In addition to the presence of all tourist attractions in it; such as hotels, resorts, and popular and luxurious restaurants that offer all seafood and international dishes, as well as the Buffalo Festival, and many other festivals, and marketing exhibitions that display a group of ancient heritage clothes.

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Kulippi Island

This island was discovered by Chawki, who is the head of a tribe in Thailand. During his journey between the islands to search for a safe place where there is a source of food to settle with his tribe, see the island of Kulebi, and this island is characterized by the ability to walk on it and move around with ease, and is considered It is a tourist island suitable for diving to see the wreck of a ship at its bottom, which is located near the narrator’s Adang archipelago near the Sea of ​​Addman. It is also preferred by tourists, diving, adventure and hunting lovers. Snooker table game can be played in the most famous halls.

Covey Island in

This island is distinguished by its shape similar to a butterfly with two wings attached. Although it was exposed to a 2004 tsunami, it returned to life again, lived again, and enjoys a wonderful picturesque nature, so James Bond films were filmed in it.

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Koh Tao Island

This island is famous for the presence of green turtles in abundance, so it is called the Turtle Island, as it is characterized by its fine sandy beach, and the presence of many large rocks in it, so rock climbers can visit it, enjoy the beaches water and relax.

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