basel switzerland is a tourist, we will talk today about the city of Basel, which is one of the most famous tourist cities in Switzerland, and the most beautiful of all, it combines the fragrant ancient history with the splendor of contemporary life in Europe. What are the most important tourist areas in it in addition to the most beautiful natural areas, Basel hotels, international markets and important shops, places to buy gifts in Basel, and other important information that you must know before you visit it to be a unique experience.

basel switzerland Tourist Top places of tourism in Basel:

Basel is located on the borders of Switzerland, and it is a destination for lovers of comfort, tranquility, and nature, which requires tourists to stop in this wonderful city, and visit its various landmarks. Basel also has an international position where many conferences are held between countries, and exhibitions there, and the following are the most important tourist attractions Located in the city.


  • It is also known as the old town, and people come to it with a view to seeing the beauty of the Swiss heritage, and the splendor of the city’s architecture, which contains traces dating back to the 13th century.
  • The area is surrounded by many trees and flowering plants that add to the beauty of the old town.
  • The Old Town has approximately 20 museums, and many activities can be practiced during your visit to it.

Basel Zoo:

It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Basel as it is one of the oldest zoos in Switzerland, and the most diverse and comprehensive, as it is visited by nearly 1.7 million tourists every year, and it was listed for the ten best zoos around the world as a whole, by Forex Magazine in 2008.
There are many unique animals in the zoo, such as the black leopard, animal, Indian rhinoceros, kangoo, and flamingo. Many expansions have been made in the recent period to include the zoo on a dazzling restaurant, and elephant shows in the open.

The Rhine River:

Who among us has not heard about the beauty of the Rhine, and about the water tours that can be done in a way that shows you the beauty of Basel, and its various tourist attractions. You will feel as if you are part of a dazzling painting, all of which are glamorous natural colors, and there are some places for swimming in the River Rhine.

Tingley Museum:

It is one of the most beautiful museums of Switzerland from all sides, and it is located directly on the bank of the Rhine, and was designed by the engineer Mario Botta, and then opened in 1996 AD, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Switzerland as it contains a lot of works Created by famous painters and sculptors, such as artist Jean Tingli, it also includes many sculptures designed in the modern way.

Basel Museum of Art:

The Basel Museum of Art was built in the year 1662, and it is considered one of the most important museums in the town today as it contains a large number of paintings and sculptures, and it belongs to UNESCO today, and contains many paintings, drawings dating back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period.


The city council of Basel, and it is known for it the beauty of the engineering architecture. The walls of Rathaus contain many impressive drawings and sculptures in the unique classic way, which makes the council of antiques that embody the splendor of the past. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in downtown Basel.

Best basel switzerland hotels:

Trois Roa Hotel:

Staying in Trois Roa is an unforgettable experience, and it is one of the elegant five-star hotels, which provides excellent services, as the hotel contains 101 rooms and suites.
Located on the bank of the famous Rhine River in Basel, the hotel underwent extensive renovations in the year 2006, and it offers many modern technologies that make you feel relaxed and calm, ensuring a memorable visit.

Marian Hotel:

Of the four star hotels in Basel, the hotel contains 64 rooms and suites, which is located in the city center, on the river bank, and very close to buses

Kraft Hotel:

It is one of the recommended hotels to stay in Basel, and it follows the three-star category, which guarantees you to obtain many services, and at the same time it is not high in price compared to the five and four-star hotels, and it provides you with services that are not few. The hotel is the most suitable place for those on a budget, it has direct views of the River Rhine and is close to many tourist destinations in the city.

Nature in Basel:

Do not make your trip confine yourself to visiting the city without going through the dazzling natural places in it where you can participate in recreational trips to explore the beauty of nature and its magic by climbing Jura Mountain, which is the ideal destination for fans of exploration and adventure. For long walks in the arms of nature or snowboarding, play sports that need ice in the winter.

Shopping in Basel Switzerland:

Basel is one of the most magnificent cities in Switzerland. At the same time, shopping in Basel has a different taste, as it contains many popular markets, and markets with luxury stores to satisfy all tastes. Below are the most important shopping places in Basel Switzerland.

Market Stadium:

It is an open-air market that contains various needs of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and even different foods, and well-known Swiss mushrooms in addition to handicrafts.

Matthausplatz weekly market:

Various food commodities are sold by farmers, making it one of the best markets for buying fruits and vegetables. It is held every Saturday between 8 am and 3 pm.

Newrain Market:

It is a huge market located in the middle of the city of Basel, and contains many shops with international brands, which offer a lot of elegant Swiss clothes, and it is one of the best places to buy well-known Swiss watches in addition to high-value souvenirs such as jewels, different costumes, and Swiss food famous for its taste Alhassan like Swiss chocolate.

Wednesday open market:

One of the largest markets in the city, which is done on Wednesday of each week where selling and buying various commodities, and some may think that the market offers inexpensive needs exactly the opposite, the market contains artifacts, watches, and rare jewelry is difficult to obtain.

Peters Platz Market:

One of the popular markets where used items are sold, it is found in the Petersburg area.

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