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European cities

There are many European countries that enjoy rich cultural, civilizational, natural beauty, and remarkable classicism, among these countries France; which is one of the countries rich in culture that includes architecture and various museums, with its capital Paris and it is one of the largest European cities, and this city is characterized by modern cultural progress And the classics alike, have many archaeological and cultural sites, and in this article some information will be presented in describing this beautiful French city, and an explanation of some important landmarks in it.

About the city of Paris

Known as the French capital of beauty, an important region of the French provinces, this city overlooks the River Seine, and the Manche Sea under which there is a tunnel linking the cities of England and France, which speeds the movement between the two cities, it was called the city of light, where this name was given to the city in the era of the Enlightenment In the seventeenth to eighteenth centuries, the reason for its name is due to the family that inhabited “Parisi”, as it contains the most important fourth river port, and the city is divided into 20 districts, each department is divided into four districts headed by the mayor of the town, the city contains Two islands are Saint Louis and La Cite.

Landmarks of Paris

Chestnut trees spread on the side of the roads in Paris, forming a natural aesthetic image, besides that it is a tourist city par excellence, where a large number of tourists annually, numbering two million tourists.

Eiffel tower

This tower was closely related to this city, it was built in 1889 AD, and it is one of the important and attractive tourist attractions for different tourists, as the height of this iron tower reaches 324 m, and the height of this tower has been increased until it reached 327 m in 2011 AD, the name of this tower is due to The person who built it is Gustav Eiffel, and the tower consists of 18,038 pieces of iron, and many nails are 2.5 million, and the weight of the tower is about 10100 tons, as it is based on four columns with dimensions of 125 x 125, and an area of ​​15625 m 2, and the tower consists of three Floors all overlooking large areas of the city of Paris, very beautiful.

University of Paris

Among the oldest and most famous universities, it was founded in 1150 AD and continued to be built in 1170 AD, making Paris an important cultural and educational place for the world, as there was clear cooperation between teachers and students, and its development continued until it became one of the most important Christian universities in the world, and it included the four most important Specializations at that time included law, theology, medicine, and literature, and after a period of time she was transferred to the University of France by Napoleon Bonaparte, and included the specializations of science and pharmacy.

Louvre Museum

Its establishment dates back to the twelfth century, when King Louis XVI planned to open a museum inside the royal palace to include many paintings it receives from various Dutch and Spanish schools, where the museum opened in 1793 AD, and it contained a number of large exhibitions, and a large number of paintings but from The most famous paintings in the museum are the Mona Lisa, which is the most famous painting in the museum and on the international level, and the months of April, June, September and November are among the most beautiful and most appropriate times to visit the museum.


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