The best guide is a beautiful place in Spain, it is the country that enjoys the splendor of creation and the beauty of its picturesque nature. Spain is one of the countries that gives tourism a unique interest, as many international tourism companies are keen to put distinctive tourism programs to Spain, where tourism thrives greatly in large It is evolving, due to its many features that make travel to Spain an ideal and prominent option for most tourists around the world.
Tourism is considered the largest supporter of the economy of Spain. In 2010, Spain came fourth in terms of numbers of tourists, which then reached 53 million tourists a year, due to the Spanish cities’ urban beauty and picturesque nature, and perhaps the most famous and most beautiful tourist places in Spain Absolutely the region of Catalonia, Seville, Madrid, Granada, Malaga and Barcelona.

Beautiful place in Spain:

The best tourist places in Madrid:

It is the capital of Spain and includes many wonderful tourist places, and there are a lot of tourist companies that are interested in organizing tourist programs for those in this wonderful city, where there are many vital areas in Madrid and many museums and the most luxurious restaurants and the largest global football fields such as Real Madrid and Tabari and many Of the Spanish clubs, which helped revitalize the tourist movement in all parts of the city, as well as the magnificence of its climate and the high level of hygiene that characterizes the city and the culture and good manners of the Spanish people, along with the intelligence of the resort and the owners of the shops The one who helped raise the destiny of Madrid has passed, and in Madrid there are the following landmarks:

  • Runner Bros Madrid Theme Park:

This amusement park is located in the south of Madrid, 30 km from the city center, and it is considered one of the most famous game cities in Spain and more enjoyable.

  • Reina Sofia Museum:

It is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in Madrid, Spain, where it is considered a modern continuation of the Historical Museum Prado Museum, and this museum was opened in 1992, after Queen Ria ordered to establish it. The museum contains many artworks of the most prominent and famous artists of Spain, such as Pablo Picasso.

  • De Prado Museum:

It is the main national museum in Spain, and it is considered the oldest tourist attraction in Madrid, as it dates back to the 18th century, and inside it there are many paintings and artworks of the most prominent and famous international artists related to European art during the 12th and 19th centuries.

  • Retiro Park:

It is considered one of the most famous parks and the most beautiful areas in Madrid, as it extends over a very large area and contains a lot of recreational activities that help visitors to spend some fun time.

  • Plaza Mayor:

It is known as the Great Square, as it is one of the most prominent tourist places in Madrid, as it is located in the middle of the city and is visited by everyone from different countries of the world to visit, this square includes a large number of Spanish cafes and fine restaurants.

  • Plaza de Cibeles:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Madrid, and it is distinguished by the fact that it includes many buildings that are beautiful in design in the neoclassical style.

  • Potria del Sol:

This square is located in the city center, it contains many buildings that are distinguished for its architectural design, and this square is surrounded by many statues that express the symbol of Madrid, in addition to the presence of many international shops.

  • Royal palace:

This palace is characterized by a magnificent design and luxury. The palace contains about 2500 royal rooms, surrounded by many green gardens.

  • Gran Via Street:

One of the busiest and busy streets of Madrid, where there are many shops and restaurants.

  • Sabatini Gardens:

This is part of the royal palace, characterized by beauty, tranquility, fresh air and a charming natural atmosphere.

  • Royal Botanical Garden:

It is located in the heart of Madrid, in Moreo Square, and covers an area of ​​8 hectares, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Madrid.

Best tourist places in Barcelona:

It is the capital of the Catalonia region, and it is distinguished by its location on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the Coesrula mountain range, and it contains the oldest and most wonderful museums, as well as the presence of many art galleries and many musical celebrations are held, it is a city characterized by its tourist color more than wonderful, as it is There is the Barcelona Club, which attracts many tourists to visit the city in order to watch its matches, which are held by the Professor of the Barcelona team. Among the most famous monuments there are the following:

  • La Rambla Street:

This street is located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​and it is considered one of the most important tourist places there, and La Rambla is the most famous street, and most tourists accept it while they are in Barcelona.

  • Church of the Sagrada Familia:

It is considered one of the most famous and largest Romen Catholic Churches, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1882. Its construction is considered incomplete to the present time.

  • Zoo:

Among the most prominent landmarks in Barcelona, ​​the zoo is located in the Ciutadella region in the Catalonia region, and there are many animals that have a great popularity such as bears, blue, deer, elephants, tigers and lions.

  • Joel Park:

It is a complex of gardens, with many unique architectural masterpieces, and was designed by famous architect Anthony Gaudi in the period between 1900 and 1914.

  • Horta Maze Park:

It is considered one of the oldest parks of its kind in the city, located at the intersection of Horta-Guinardo.

  • Barcelona Botanical Garden:

This park is located on the top of Montjuic Plateau as it contains many plants brought from many other countries.

  • Camp Nou Stadium:

It is considered an important sporting tourist destination for football lovers and fans of this team.

  • Catalonia Square:

And this square is the center of the city that stretches its ancient and modern parts.

  • Barcelona History Museum:

And displays the history of Barcelona from the time of the Romens to the present time, and this museum is located within the Gothic style, consisting of three floors and is located in the Bari Gothic region near the Church of La Sue, contains many excavations and relics dating back to the Romen settlements that lived in that area And also displays the history of Catalonia.

  • Palau Guel Palace:

This palace is a Catalan masterpiece, designed by the architect Antonio Godi, and this palace was built in the period between 1886 and 1888, and included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage sites, this palace was used in the past for the entertainment of guests belonging to social classes High-end.

  • Gothic Quarter:

This neighborhood is considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, ​​where it reflects its ancient history, and many visitors and tourists visit it in order to get acquainted with the nature and lifestyle of the Goths, in order to walk around the neighborhoods and enjoy its buildings dating back to the tenth century.

The most famous places of tourism in Seville:

It is a wonderful mix between the culture of the Spanish and the culture of the Moroccans, and it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, due to its cultural and historical richness, it includes many monuments and many buildings dating back to the medieval era, and among the most prominent features:

  • Al-Mawraq Palace:

Among the historical palaces built during the reign of the Almoravids, where it was built in the late first millennium by the Arab rulers who ruled Seville, and the Spaniards continued to develop the palace even after the Islamic State fell in Andalusia, to become one of the symbols of the city, due to its wonderful design and majestic architecture And its wonderful gardens.

  • Colorful Solar Metropole:

Completed in 2004, and considered a more than masterpiece of art in Seville’s old town, this building has six structures to form a large canopy made of Finnish wood and birch wood.

  • Santa Cruz District:

This historic area in the east of the city, where it is located on the border of the Grand Valley, and dates back to the period of Islamic rule in Andalusia, and this area was inhabited by Jews.

  • Maria Luisa Park:

This park is located along the big valley, and is considered one of the most prominent features of Seville, characterized by its striking natural features, it includes various types of birds such as ducks, pigeons, parrot, pelicans and others.

  • Solar Cathedral:

It was built in the period from 1401 to 1519 on the site of the Al-Jami Mosque, then it was converted into a cathedral after the rule of Muslims in Andalusia ended, and this cathedral was built in the Gothic style, and it is considered the third largest in terms of size at the level of Europe.

  • Giralda Tower:

It is a high minaret of the Great Mosque, which was built during the reign of the Almohads, during their rule of Andalusia.

  • Casa de Pilatus Palace:

The architectural style that was followed during the Middle Ages, this palace is known to the people of Seville as the Andalusian Palace, this palace was the seat of the Rivera family that took over Seville in the 16th century.

The most beautiful tourist places in Marbella:

Marbella is the perfect destination for lovers of charming beaches, and those wishing to coastal tourism, where they can visit European beaches, there are many luxurious restaurants in this city, and many shops that receive tourists from all countries of the world, and its features:

  • Puerto Banus Jose:

This port is considered the first recreational outlet for the city, as it houses many beautiful yachts.

  • Plaza de los Nazanjos:

It is the heart of the city resembling the wide courtyard surrounded by alleys, galleries and many lanes filled with orange trees throughout the place.

  • Old town:

This town is famous for the name Casco Antigua and is famous for its ancient Andalusian heritage, which is still preserved to the present day.

  • Alameda Park:

This park is located within the Marbella Square, which is famous for the splendor of its gardens and the beauty of its parks, as it includes vast areas covered in green color, and among the most prominent gardens of Marbella is the Alameda Park.

  • Suhail Fort:

It dates back to the year 958 AD, when Abd al-Rahman III during the Muslim rule of Andalusia ordered its construction.

  • Beaches of Marbella:

The beaches located in Marbella are considered as they provide clean golden sand for their visitors and provide them with the pleasure of relaxing and swimming in clear waters, as they provide an opportunity to enjoy the sunbathing on the beach, fishing or snorkelling.

  • San Pedro de Alcantara:

This town is located on a fertile plain, 10 km away from Marbella, and this town attracts huge numbers of tourists every year.

The most beautiful place in the city of Malacca:

It is located in the south of Spain known as Malacca or Malaga, ruled by the Phoenicians, Romens and Andalusians, and this city has a great share of flattery and charming nature, and the city of Malaga is considered as a distinct waterfront in southern Spain, where it combines the beauty of beaches and the luxury of its historical features, and among its features:

  • Malacca Cathedral:

It was built on its site the Royal Islamic Mosque, which was built during the rule of Muslims, and the rulers of Málaga ordered the Spanish to build it after the fall of Muslim rule.

  • Kasbah Castle of Malacca:

Built by Muslims in the 11th century, it was considered one of the most beautiful forts of Andalusia, and this park overlooks the port of Malaga and overlooks a hill in the city center.

  • Romen Theater:

This theater was discovered in 1951 in the western part of Malaga, as it was buried for centuries underground.

  • Al-Manara Castle:

It is located at the top of Al-Manara Mountain, which is located in the northeast of the city, and was built in the tenth century after Abdul Rahman III ordered the Muslim caliph to build it.

  • Narkha Cave:

This mountain is an extension of a series of caves, these caves extend for about 5 km, and contain many stalagmites and wonderfully beautiful descents, these caves originated because of the falling water from the ceiling of the cave.

Tourism in Granada:

This magnificent city is considered one of the most Spanish cities for tourists, and there are many tourist companies in it, which made the country continuously keen to develop its facilities and develop its monuments first. The city of Granada has a cathedral museum and Alhambra Palace and many tourist attractions such as:

  • Al-Bayazin neighborhood:

This ancient Andalusian neighborhood, which still retains its Andalusian identity, is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Granada, as many tourists go to see its historical monuments embodied in its beautiful buildings and narrow streets, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

  • Alhambra Palace:

This archaeological palace dates back to the year 889, when it was considered as an impenetrable fortress, and then was transformed into a royal palace by Yusuf I Sultan of Granada.

  • Granada Cathedral:

This cathedral is considered one of the most famous monuments in Granada, as it is characterized by the splendor of its architectural design, which is a mixture of Renaissance and Gothic Pim, built on top of the Granada Mosque, which was built by the princes of Granada after they seized the city in 1492.

  • Archaeological Museum of Granada:

This museum has many unique and rare artifacts, and its history dates back to the 16th century. This museum consists of two floors where it displays many civilizations that have ruled over the rule of the region, such as the Phoenician, Romen, Arab, Carthage and others.

  • Sierra Nevada National Park:

It is considered one of the most famous parks in Granada, and it is part of a nature reserve. This park includes many natural scenes such as lakes, rivers and mountains covered with snow, as well as it contains a number of animals that inhabit the mountain environment.

  • Corporal Paradise:

This paradise is located inside the Al Hamra Palace, and attracts many tourists who want to relax and calm in the natural scenery.

  • Science Park:

It is one of the most wonderful places for a picnic with the family, this place that combines entertainment and excursion, it is a scientific museum that attracts many visitors of all ages, the area of ​​the museum is about 70 thousand square meters, this museum includes many departments such as the Department of Mechanics and Physics and a section Interactional custom experiments suitable for foes, astronomical observatory section, and other sections.

Tourism in the Canary Islands Spain:

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Spain, where it hosts many breathtaking landscapes of unusual beauty, the Canary Islands enjoy a moderate climate throughout the year, and the Canary Islands overlook the Atlantic Ocean, and these islands have self-rule but follow Spain, and includes a number of sites that UNESCO has classified it as a world heritage list, and also contains a number of recreational sites and has the third longest volcano in the world, visited by nearly 12 million tourists annually.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Cordoba:

This city overlooking the Mediterranean coast, and is located in southern Spain, as it resembles the Arab countries a lot, because it was greatly affected by the Islamic conquest, as many Arabs prefer to visit it for the calm of its airspace, and one of its most famous features:

  • Cordoba Mosque:

It is considered one of the most famous international mosques. The Mosque of Cordoba is distinguished by the beauty of its construction, which embodies the Islamic era in Andalusia, built during the era of Abd al-Rahman al-Dakhil.

  • Cordoba Palace:

Also known as the Alcazara Palace, it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cordoba, and this palace is a relic of the Visigoths and the Romens, and the building is considered a very important part of the Palace of the Old Caliphate.

  • Romen bridge:

This historic bridge, which was built during the era of the Romens in the first century before history, and this bridge is characterized by the beauty of its location and its contain many of the remains that are still there.

  • Cordoba Museum:

This museum houses many historical exhibits dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many arts that flourished during the Romen, Gothic and European Renaissance periods.

  • Zahra City:

It is the remains of a historical city created during the era of Abd al-Rahman bin Muhammad, who was nicknamed the Nasser. It is considered the eighth Umayyad caliph. This city is located in western Cordoba, and the city still preserves its historical buildings and monuments.

  • Botanical garden:

It is considered one of the most famous gardens in Cordoba, and it is one of the historical gardens that has been modified many times to become one of the most beautiful Spanish gardens.

  • Coredera Square:

It is one of the lively and famous arenas in Cordoba, as it has many cafes and restaurants, as well as the famous Sanchez Market, which contains many clothing and accessories stores.

  • Andalusian House:

The Andalusian house is a unique and wonderful masterpiece, as it bears witness to the Islamic civilization in Córdoba. The history of the construction of the historic Andalusian house dates back to the 12th century, and it is still preserved to its ancient historical form.

Tourism in Cadiz:

This city is famous for being one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Spain, where it has the most beautiful port in the southwest of the country, and it is located on tomorrow, an hour and a half from Seville, this city is suitable for spending the honeymoon and suitable for young people’s trips, and the city of Cadiz is famous for the name of the romantic old city, and this city overlooks The sea, and contains many beaches and museums and there are many archaeological forts and castles.

Tourism in Almería:

This city is located on the eastern end of the southern coast of Spain, as it is located two hours from the city of Malacca, and it is considered one of the most beautiful coastal cities that are located in southern Spain, in which there is a mix of tourist attractions and historical monuments, and one of the most famous monuments in this city is the castle of the Kasbah and it has Many parks and museums, as well as its beautiful coastline, which includes many elegant cafes and restaurants along the coast.

Tourism in Randa:

This city enjoys its charming location on top of a high rocky plateau, in addition to the stunning views that distinguish it, and the city of Randa is surrounded by many amazing landscapes and a number of reserves, and one of the most famous features of this city is the rock bridge that connects all parts of the city to each other.

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