Beautiful places in Seoul for tourism and entertainment

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Beautiful places in Seoul is recommended to visit, Seoul is the capital of South Korea, the diversity of its tourist attractions, which satisfies all groups. Especially since these tourist attractions are characterized by high prices, which makes the tourist to Seoul interested in economic attractions, which enjoy advantages no less than other Seoul attractions.
The following is an article from Arab travelers that contains beautiful places in Seoul

Seoul Korea

  • South Korea has most of the singing vocabulary of nature. There are high mountain ranges, narrow coastal plains, valleys and rivers, and about 3000 islands.
  • It also has 20 popular parks, gardens, and tea fields.
  • South Korea has a humid tropical climate, with short rainfall between June and July. The winter is very cold, and the summer is very hot.
  • There are various means of transportation in South Korea. There are railways, ferries, and bus lines. There are also renewable train services. There are 7 local airports and a large number of other airports.
  • In addition to the multiplicity of accommodations for tourists among the “hostel” or choosing the appropriate hotel from the group of multiple hotels.
  • There are also restaurants that offer different types of fish, but if you want to enjoy halal meat restaurants, you only have to visit an area Ituan Diversity of Arab, Indian and Turkish restaurants in Halal.
  • Most Koreans live in urban areas, due to the high economic level of the State of Korea, it is the fourth largest economy in the continent of Asia. This encouraged many to migrate from the countryside to the cities. Other nationalities are spread in Turkey through American workers and English teachers.
  • Seoul has a population of 10,103,233 people, according to the 2014 census.
  • South Korea is greatly affected by Chinese culture. The vast majority of the population also owes the Christian religion, with a clear multiplicity of religions, and the preservation of freedom of belief from the state constitution itself.
  • Korea also has technological advancement and has strong product lines for mobile phones, computers and tablets, which it exports to the whole world.
  • There is great interest in art, sports, and architecture in South Korea, in a way that is always under development in the preservation of Korean heritage.

Navigate in Seoul

  • Given South Korea’s technological and civilizational development, you will find that the fastest means of transportation is the subway, undoubtedly, which can carry about 7 million passengers per day.
  • Taxis are also available, which can be paid either in cash or by transportation card, which is also suitable for buses and the metro.
  • The time between each train and the other is two minutes, and you can follow the train times and arrival times via the electronic boards attached to the train stations.
  • You can rent a private car, or bus, to ensure comfort and freedom from congestion on the go. In addition, relying on the metro, private car and taxi will protect you from being subject to exorbitant taxi fare.
  • Moving during the first hours of the day is easy if you are alone, but beware doing the same thing at night, especially with the streets where bars are widespread, Koreans are used to drinking quantities of alcohol after a long work day.

Beautiful places in Seoul

  • The Han River, which is crossed by 27 bridges, is surrounded by many gardens.
  • The National People’s Museum and the King Seung Museum are free admission, and they have many monuments, panorama, shows and exhibitions.
  • Changdeok Palace, which overlooks beautiful scenery and wonderful Korean architecture.
  • Hongdae, a fast-paced neighborhood, is a result of dazzling lights at night, as well as plazas containing artists, dancers and playlists. It also gives you an opportunity to stroll, shop and experience the Korean taste in one of its restaurants.
  • Namasan Tower Park.
  • Banbu Bridge Water Fountain.
  • Buchansan Park.
  • The mountainous hills, which gives amateurs the opportunity to do the matter to spread through torrents.
  • Bukchon Village
  • Everland Games City.
  • Insadong, which is a popular destination for tourists to shop and buy popular Korean costumes.
  • The Blue House, and Dongdaemun, the largest retail and wholesale area, has about thirty shopping malls.
  • Magic Island, which includes luxury hotels, shopping malls, and cinemas.
  • Namseem Island, which is famous for being a favorite of photography, is a filmmaker’s favorite.
  • Jeju Island, which has one million visitors annually, its lands are of a picturesque nature, in addition to the presence of beaches there.

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