Before you travel to Agra, India

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The city of Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, so it is always on the list of cities that millions of people wish to travel from all over the world. The city of Agra, just like any other city, also has its own way of life that may seem very new and interesting for tourists, including the fluctuating heat to food specialties, to the landmarks that it enjoys and distinctive places of exploration. Some important advice in this article.

The most important travel advice to Agra


There are ideal seasons to visit the city of Agra, which is the autumn season, and the winter and winter season, which starts from October to March, when the temperature stabilizes unlike the summer, when the temperature is high, so the atmosphere is suitable and enjoyable for sightseeing. It is also an ideal time for tourists to search for hotels that they stay during their trip and see the Taj Mahal. If you like the rain, you can visit it during August to October, which is a great time to visit, and it is also a season for heavy monsoons. You can have a cup of hot tea in one of the local bazaars with the view of the rain. As for the summer, it will start in April, This is usually a time when many locals and fewer tourists, but if you are willing to withstand the high temperatures you can also visit the city at that time.

Before you travel to Agra India - Before you travel to Agra, India

Food and water

The city of Agra is home to many specialties, especially food sold on the roads, where you can easily see places of cooking or frying in every corner and corner of the city. However, as a new person in Agra, street food may be very hot and tough on the stomach.
If you are looking for traditional food in the city, you can find it in a very small number of restaurants, and food stores also that offer the same authentic tastes, in addition to a very small number of food stalls located on the side of the road. You can also find those and for meals also in hotels where most of them meet the requests of tourists and keep providing snacks and stay away from heavy foods on the stomach. To protect yourself from food poisoning, go to the most popular and guaranteed restaurants in the city, such as Pinch of Spice, and Bon Barbeque, in which you can get a delicious Indian dining experience.

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The food is in Agra

And do not forget about water, because water in many foreign countries is safe and drinkable water, but in Agra you must always buy bottled water, which is readily available in all shops and stores. Some of the well-known brands on the bottles include Peasley, Kinley, and EcoVina.

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The water in Agra

Local sellers

Everywhere you go to the city of Agra, like wandering in the city to explore the sights, you will find many street vendors everywhere where these street vendors are employed to persuade you to visit their nearby local stores, but watch out because most of their shops sell marble and stone works at higher prices than Those sold in other wholesale markets. Additionally, they may sometimes even sell fake and adulterated marble materials, and it is usually difficult to tell the difference between real and adulterated pieces. In order to guarantee the things you buy, there are perfect and excellent places to buy local handcraft from marble and lining stone such as Akbar International and Oswal.

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Akbar International

the thieves

Although theft is very rare in the Indian city of Agra, but it is still better to remain cautious, especially if you are new to the city, you should avoid walking alone at night, especially women, or if walking at night is inevitable for you Try to stay in the illuminated public areas In addition, avoid wearing jewelry and carrying large amounts of cash because it attracts others.

the thieves

The city of Agra is one of the most beautiful Indian cities, you will enjoy a lot of spending your trip there, but to be careful and to make your trip pass in peace and happiness, you must apply these simple tips.

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