Belgium is considered one of the most important European tourist destinations that enjoy wide popularity, because of the attracting factors that are difficult to restrict, in addition to being one of the most important global capitals of fashion, it is famous for its wonderful natural monuments alongside its picturesque beaches and paved streets, in addition to the presence of many stores and galleries and many From museums, Belgium is one of the great destinations for a memorable vacation. The most important details for Arab travelers.

Tips before traveling to Belgium:

  • Belgium is one of the European countries that apply the Schengen visa, and it is necessary to obtain an entry visa before traveling to Belgium.
  • The costs of travel to it are suitable for all groups, whether with a limited budget or an open budget.
  • The official language there is Dutch, followed by French and German.
  • Transport in Belgium is recommended by public transport for its low costs and high efficiency.

The most beautiful cities in Belgium:

  • Tourism in Brussels:

Brussels, Belgium
It is the capital of Belgium and includes many elements of tourist attraction, it is the seat of many European institutions, and it is considered one of the ten most beautiful cities in the European continent, and it is characterized by being a small city that is easy to move on by foot, and is known as Venice North, because it includes many stone bridges and canals This is what made it one of the most romantic cities, in addition to its architecture and windmills, and perhaps the big square in Brussels is one of the most important landmarks of the city because it includes many ancient architectural monuments dating back to the 17th century and there are a number of Belgian chocolate stores in this field Town Hall, which is a unique medieval complex built in the Gothic style with a unique architectural style, was built in addition to visiting the Senkuntinaire Park, which provides a wonderful time spent in the nature landscapes, in addition to the royal palace which has a wonderful royal garden, in addition to the presence of the Walibi park, which is One of the largest water sports cities in Belgium.

  • Dinant tourism:

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, it seems like a fictional city, because it is located on the highest rocky plateau that overlooks the Mezzo River in Namur Governorate, and includes many attractions, the most famous of which are the collective church, Dinant Grotto and Han Caves, the most beautiful European caves, in addition to the presence of a number of rare birds and animals, so they appear to be closer to An unparalleled nature reserve.

  • Tourism in Leuven:

Leuven in Belgium
And is home to the oldest Catholic University in the world, this city which is the heart of life where there are many exhibitions and shops and many restaurants and cafes in the side streets and many bars.

  • Tourism in Damma:

Damama or the port city dates back to the Middle Ages, and this city is located on the banks of the Damsi canal, which enjoys its beautiful natural scenery where the sides of the canal are lined with trees and the Damsi canal flows through the city of Damama to continue to the neighboring Netherlands, in addition to that it is home to the monthly book market, because it includes A large number of the largest libraries.

  • Tourism in Ghent:

Ghent city
This city, which is packed with architectural buildings that were built in the Middle Ages, was once famous for its wealth and fame, but nowadays it attracts millions of tourists in order to see many of its historical monuments, so the best times can be spent in Ghent, where the various festivals that take place in the city, and wandering in the center of this city On the banks of the Scheldtwith river, the various festivals that take place in the city, and wander in the middle of this city on the banks of the Scheldt Ellis River, or visit the most beautiful city museums and cathedrals and visit Gravensteen Castle.

  • Tourism in Arden:

Arden is in Belgium
There it is possible to enjoy hiking, camping and cycling, and is known for its rugged hills and the presence of many cliffs, forests and many caves, as it is home to the lynx and deer, as there are many castles.

  • Tourism in Derby:

The city of Derby, BelgiumThe city of Derby, Belgium
It is considered the smallest city in the world and one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Belgium, as it attracts the attention of its visitors in terms of green hills and unique architecture and narrow cobbled streets, in addition to the presence of many shops, so you can enjoy walking on the banks of the Urs and visit the ancient Derby Castle that was built in 17th century, visiting the Toibari Castle, which contains many plants carved in the form of animals and human figures.

  • Tourism in Antwerp:

Antwerp, Belgium
This city is famous for its many faces, because it is a very dynamic city as it offers a wonderful mix between modern life and history, in it there are many architectural wonders such as St. Paul’s Church and the Gothic Cathedral built in 1351, in addition to many of its Baroque and Gothic buildings.

  • Spa Tourism:

Belgian spa city
This city is located amidst green forests and hills, and is famous for its many hot springs and natural water sources, and most activities and attractions focus on the areas that lie between the springs and resorts.

  • Tourism in Tournai:

This city is located on the borders of France, and it is considered one of the quietest cities in Belgium where its location is away from the noise and noise, and is considered a foreigner with its cultural history that dates back more than two thousand years, where there are many places that can be explored, and Tournai is home to the most beautiful churches in the world such as the Gothic Cathedral Romenian Notre Dame, which was built during the 12th and 13th centuries.

  • Tourism in Bouillon:

The city of BouillonThe city of Bouillon
It is located several kilometers from France on the banks of the Simons River, and includes many wonderful landscapes such as the Bouillon Castle that was built in the eighth century and this castle is located on a rocky bend through which the Simoes River passes.

  • Tourism in Mons:

Belgian city of Mons
It is the capital of the province of Limburg, and it is considered one of the most European cities that is known for its surprising magic ring tones with its glorious bell tower bells, as well as the presence of many winding streets that provide its visitors with enjoyment of passing the city sites with ease, besides it is rich in many buildings Built in the Gothic style.

  • Tourism in Verne:

This is an attractive city for architecture lovers, with wonderful buildings located in the town square, in addition to the presence of many unique tourist attractions, such as the Church of Saint and Burga, which was built in the Middle Ages.

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