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Tourism in the city of Berlin

The city of Berlin is very popular with the tourists of Germany, and it is considered the most visited in the country, as statistics for 2016 indicate that the number of hotel stays reached about 31,100,000 accommodations (overnight), and the reason for this large flow of tourists to Berlin is the presence of many landmarks And the wonderful tourist and recreational places.

The most important tourist places in the city of Berlin

Berlin includes many places and attractions, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

Grunewald Forest

Grunewald Forest (English: Grunewald Forest) is one of the most beautiful natural sites in the German city of Berlin, and it is a vast forest occupying a geographical area estimated at 30 square kilometers, and includes many types of plants, animals, as well as hiking and entertainment.

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is one of the most beautiful art galleries in Berlin, located on the remains of the Berlin Wall, and displays many artworks and wonderful drawings.

Pergamon Museum

Pergamon Museum is one of the most important museums of Berlin. It contains many art pieces and large embodiments that embody architecture in Babylon, the Middle East, Rome, and Greece, such as: the Romen Market, and the Ishtar Gate.

The new museum

The new museum represents the modern design of the old building that was destroyed, and was designed by the famous architect David Shepherfield, and it displays inside it many historical pieces and monuments, such as the ancient Egypt monuments of mummies, statues, and coffins, in addition to other monuments, Such as: Neanderthal skull, Trojan effects.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an important historical monument in Germany. It witnessed many important historical events throughout the history of the German Republic, and became after the fall of the Berlin Wall the national symbol of the Federal German.

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