Riyadh, with its magnificent attractions, is always the preferred destination for many people inside and outside the Kingdom, as Riyadh is one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, which includes a group of the best hotels in Riyadh, and a group of the most beautiful chalets in Riyadh, which includes small chalets in Riyadh characterized by beauty Magician, with distinct facilities and services.

So, if you are looking for small and cheap chalets in Riyadh, follow our report on the best chalets for two in Riyadh and wonderful for grooms, with features and reviews.

Best small chalets in Riyadh

Riyadh brings together small and luxurious Riyadh chalets on its land, to make you have a unique and happy vacation, and here you are now the best small chalet in Riyadh, you will choose it yourself from this list.

Asbar Hotel Resorts Riyadh

Offering the most beautiful small chalet in Riyadh, its location is distinguished by its proximity to the most important tourist and commercial landmarks of Riyadh, and the most important shopping and entertainment centers in the region.

So it is a good choice for entertainment and tourism lovers, and also a suitable option for business owners looking for small chalets in Riyadh.

The Asbar Resort is 22.1 km from King Khalid Airport, while King Fahd International Stadium is 13.5 km away, and King Saud University of Health Sciences is 17 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The resort received a great evaluation in terms of location, cleanliness, quality of services and facilities, and comfort, while the crew got an excellent evaluation because of the good cooperation.

Hotel reservation
A distinct break in the most beautiful small and cheap chalets in Riyadh

Riyadh farm huts

Al Mazraa Cottages Resort is a small and cheap chalets in Riyadh, which is close to the vital areas of the capital.

So it is a good choice for resident businessmen and visitors, as well as a great entertainment venue for all families.

The resort is located near golf courses, 52.6 km from King Khalid International Airport, and 5.6 km from Masmak Palace.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The resort received a good evaluation as the best small chalets in Riyadh in terms of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, and services, while the staff received a very good evaluation.

Hotel reservation
Room overlooking the garden in the best small chalet in Riyadh

Swarovski chalets, Riyadh

One of the most beautiful small chalets in Riyadh in general, it provides distinguished services for all residents, with facilities to suit all visits, and for all tastes.

Swarovski chalets are 28.3 km from King Khalid Airport, and the Taste of the Knights Hall is only 5.5 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalets received good reviews on the staff, location and amenities, while the negative points were related to the value for money.

Hotel reservation
Special Arab sessions in the small and wonderful Riyadh chalets

Chalets was Riyadh

They are suitable and good chalets for those looking for a small chalet in Riyadh, and have good views of the pools, with places to relax and sit.

It also provides various facilities suitable for families, and for people as well, so it is considered one of the best small chalets in Riyadh in general.

Chalets was 14.7 km from King Fahd Stadium, and King Khalid Airport is only 24.1 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Chalets have not yet received general assessments, and opinions have ranged between good and very good, while some have noticed a complaint about the lack of hot water in the jacuzzi bathtubs.

Hotel reservation
Great session in a small chalet in Riyadh overlooking the pool

What is the best small chalet in Riyadh?

Asbar Hotel Resorts Riyadh It is considered one of the best small chalets in Riyadh with great reviews, and the most popular among the Arab tourists and residents.

What are the best small and cheap chalets in Riyadh according to the opinion of Arab visitors?

Is characterized by Asbar Hotel Resorts Riyadh With affordable prices and high-end services according to the reviews of its Arab visitors.

What is the average cost of staying in a small resort in Riyadh per night?

The average cost of stay in a small Riyadh resort ranges between $ 320 and $ 530, and the price varies according to the period of the year.

What is the best small chalet in Riyadh located near King Khalid International Airport?

Asbar Hotel Resorts Riyadh One of the best small chalets in Riyadh and the closest to King Khalid International Airport.

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