Best accommodation in Istanbul

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Istanbul is a city of beauty, and the fascinating Turkish charm, which is the continental city; where the great arrogance of Asia and the glamorous sedition of Europe, the city of the seven hills and the mother of minarets, mix with the summer resorts mixed with elegant huts surrounded by vast gardens of parasol, to play a picturesque symphony between the past Ancient oriental, and the freshness of the contemporary European present.

Greater Istanbul is called the provinces that are divided into thirty-nine provinces, and they are divided into three regions, and twenty-seven districts constitute the actual city, and the three provinces were named to: the two historical provinces located in the north of the Golden Horn, namely: Beyoglu and Besiktas, and the two provinces On the Asian side of the city, namely: “Escudar and Chalcedon”, and the province on the southern shore of the Strait of the Golden Horn, which is: the old historical peninsula of Istanbul.

Istanbul is bustling with its magnificent cities, its quiet neighborhoods, its good people, and religious tolerance with a prominent Islamic character, making it the focus of attention for many to stay in and enjoy its mild climate and picturesque forests, to monitor a number of distinct places in it.

Best accommodation in Istanbul

  • Sultan Ahmed: It is an ancient and historical city, nicknamed the beating heart of Istanbul, and it is characterized by many important tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the covered market and Topkapi Palace, where you can wander through the narrow alleys and enjoy the fragrant history and its beautiful historical buildings, and between restaurants Modern local cafes and shops are easy to travel and travel by tram or public taxi. You can also move between civilized landmarks and markets on foot, but night life is absent after sunset.
  • Taksim – Beyoglu: Taksim Square, which is the lifeblood of Beyoglu district, is located in the middle of it the famous street “Istiklal Street”, and restaurants, shops, and exhibitions in this area abound in this area. The area is distinguished by its modern style, frequented by a large number of tourists and teeming with the local people who come to visit restaurants and cafes in it, as it has a noisy night life, and the region is free of historical monuments, but it is a leading place in the diversity of tastes to suit shopping lovers and restaurant pioneers.
  • Nisantasi – the upscale neighborhood: the city is located in Istanbul from the European side, and you need to walk ten minutes to reach Taksim, and there are several neighborhoods such as “Osmanbey and Machka” neighborhood, and the buildings of the shops where there is a distinctive and interesting and of European engineering nature, and the presence of the finest role International fashion, and the region is characterized by a loud nightlife, vitality and calmness during the day, but it needs a high income, it is a suitable place for wealthy families.
  • Kadoki – restaurants and fashion houses: It is located in Istanbul from the Asian side, and it is characterized by its modernity and development, and the visitor finds many restaurants and cafes, as there are multiple fashion houses, and it is one of the best comfortable residential places, and there are many shops located in a famous street It is called “Baghdad Street”, and shopping malls and shopping centers are very popular.

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