Best Cairo 2020 hotels

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Cairo is the charming city of East Hollywood, which is a very charming and very distinctive tourist destination for all the people of the Arab and Western world. In Cairo there are many different tourist attractions between eastern tourism, recreational and medical tourism and conference tourism as well. In Cairo, there is a large group of very luxurious tourist hotels. Which overlooks the charming Nile, especially in the late night hours with the charming nature, and Cairo City hotels provide a wide range of services that appeal to all guests.

Cairo best hotels for 2020:

1- Nile Resort Hotel Carlton, luxury and sophisticated location:

The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel is the best hotel in the city of Cairo at all for the year 2020, as it is characterized by a magical location as it is located on the Nile Corniche near the Egyptian Museum and Tahrir Square, as it is a little away from the Arab League Street and Cairo Tower.
The hotel also features a group of luxurious rooms that were built on the latest international modern style with a distinct view of the Nile, and there are a large number of restaurants in the hotel that offer all kinds of eastern and western cuisine. You can also have a variety of drinks in the lounge overlooking a garden The hotel, the hotel also has an international spa and indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and there is a lounge dedicated to businessmen for all occasions.

2- Kempinski Nile Hotel:

It is also one of the very special hotels that suit families and new grooms and young people, and the hotel directly overlooks the Nile Corniche and contains 180 rooms and suites very luxurious, all the rooms and suites of the hotel are distinguished by sophistication and luxury and all the furniture pieces that are designed in the European style, the hotel also has a group of bars Which offers all drinks, as well as more than one restaurant that offers you a variety of traditional eastern authentic food and between Western food. The hotel has an international spa as well as a health club that includes all modern sports devices and you can enjoy a charming massage session and then enjoy swimming in The hotel’s swimming pool, which fascinates eyes.

3- Four Seasons Hotel for a magical and picturesque view on the bosom of the charming Nile:

The hotel is located in Garden City, near the Opera House and Cairo Tower. The hotel includes a large group of charming rooms and suites, which amount to 300 rooms that enjoy a very charming view of the Nile. This hotel is suitable for people who love classic style, as all furnishings are designed in a charming classic style, they contain Some rooms have full and equipped kitchens, the hotel has 9 restaurants and bars that offer a range of traditional Arab and Egyptian cuisine as well as international, and you can enjoy the health club and massages by international professionals.

4- Sofitel Nile:

If you want to combine the features of modern Cairo with the landmarks of old Cairo, you must make reservations and get off at the Sofitel Nile Hotel, as it is a very few minute walk from the Cairo Tower and the Opera House, and the hotel is one of the very large hotels as it has more than 400 rooms And a suite, and you can combine between a charming view of the city center and a breathtaking view of the Nile. All the rooms of the hotel are designed in a modern European style and characterized by extreme sophistication.
The hotel includes 6 international, western and eastern traditional restaurants inside it. The hotel also offers you a range of Moroccan and Indian options that you will surely like. You should not forget to visit the hotel’s fitness center as it is equipped with a large group of very modern sports equipment. The hotel also has an international spa and an international pool.

5- Fairmont Nile City Hotel:

You can enjoy a charming and picturesque view with the Fairmont Nile City Hotel, which is located within the Nile City complex, which provides an ideal service for shopping and entertainment, the hotel is characterized as one of the very high buildings, which also features a charming view of the Nile and inside it contains a large group of rooms and suites that reach 500 rooms and suites.
All rooms in the hotel have a charming view of the Nile, and the rooms have separate sitting rooms, some of which are equipped with full kitchens of up to 200 meters. You can dine at the Bab El Nile Restaurant, which offers a charming romantic evening with musical performances and dance.

6- Hilton Cairo Hotel:

The Hilton Cairo Hotel is located within the complex and the World Trade Center on the banks of the Nile as well. The hotel is located near the luxurious shopping areas in the city center, so it is very suitable for shopping lovers and is also suitable for families and long stays as its prices are very appropriate.
All the rooms of the hotel are equipped with a set of antique furniture and very distinctive decorations. The room space reaches 145 meters. The hotel has an international restaurant that serves local, eastern and western hot meals throughout the day. The hotel also offers you a baby-sitter when you request it, so it is suitable for families.


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