Best car rental company?

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During many trips, I have always made sure to rent my car from major and international companies with luxury brands like Europe Car and Sixt.

And I had a problem with Sixt in 2012 and another problem with Europcar in 2014 and both experiences did not come out of it with a positive result, which made me wonder about the status of the rest of the companies and rethink and evaluate the companies with excellent brand reputation.
Also, on some trips I was forced to deal with companies other than Brand due to the lack of famous companies in those destinations such as: America – New Zealand – Australia.
It has already dealt with companies like: Thrifty, Dollar, Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz, Budget
And in all my experiences, I always come out with a very satisfactory result and a cheap price. The important thing is, thank God, I have not had any problem.

The secretariat has Sixt and Europcar, which is characterized by new and modern cars, which are often not used.

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On my last trip to Germany and Austria, I searched all rental companies and booked my car through the Alamo website at a price of 400 euros
The car was Volkswagen Golf – Automatic. When I arrive at the airport, as usual, I pass through the rest of the companies to compare prices. If I find a cheaper offer, I reserve and cancel my existing reservation with Alamo Company, as I am not obligated to that reservation and does not have any discount because you can book a car through Internet without a visa card and without any commitment.

“Car reservations are not the same as hotels and can be made without a visa” and there is room for you to cancel without fees.

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I went to Europe Car and the shock was the lowest price they had 1,200 euros for the lowest category of cars. Then I rushed to Avis and found my same car. They had 1,400 euros. Then I knew that I made a profitable deal with Alamo with only 400 euros and I received my car from them and I am satisfied with all of the satisfaction. Moreover, the company made a free upgrade to the car for free.

The upgrade was from a Volkswagen to a KIA jeep, and I wish I did not agree to it because Korean cars consume a large amount of fuel, which strains your budget, unlike German economic cars.

After making my reservation, I found another person searching for a car and wanted to help me, so we made another tour on the rental companies to compare prices, and we found a 7-passenger car for 15 days at a price of 3500 euros at the Euro Car company !! I advised him to go to the company Alamo, which I booked from, and found the same car for 1500 euros !! And it seems that the Alamo company had no customers on that day because their prices were very competitive and the difference is big 2000 Euros, we are the first with it !!

Do not pay exorbitant sums that do not bring you tangible benefits !!

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After these different experiences, I still wonder why many people insist on renting their cars from Sixt and Europcar !!
Are cars not the same in all companies !! And the service is the same !!
There have been problems with me, and I did not find the excellent dealings or high-end service that some and one of my friends say his car broke down from the Europe Car company and we got in contact with them for 4 days without success and no response until he repaired it on his own account and at his expense and returned to break again and the company She did not answer his repeated calls. If Europe’s old company was with it, it will not blame other companies.
So as long as the car is the same and the same service, why pay more money on the name only !! I will definitely look at the price, as it is the only factor that makes the difference here, and I will choose the company that offers the cheapest prices.
Brand will not interest me as much as I care about the low price and the savings in travel is good and we are the first to pay the difference in price.
Therefore, my advice is directed to companies that are not well-known if you find expensive prices that your budget cannot bear.
We must rethink our leasing companies and move away from the companies that took advantage of their name and the confidence of their clients, and they raised their prices due to the increased demand for their services.

Note: I do not criticize any of the companies, nor do I praise any of the companies. I have made my standard for evaluating companies the price.

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In the end, I advise you to compare the prices through the Rental Car website to give you an idea of ​​the prices of all companies and you can book through Rental Car or through the company directly, the choice is up to you, as Rental Car has made a new movement and it is hiding the company name for the reduced offers and upon completion of the reservation You will see the company name
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And here I tell you there is no need for hesitation and fear of trying, book at the lowest price and trust in God.

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