December is considered one of the best times to visit Europe, where the cities are covered with a white dress that gives them a special elegance, and the streets are decorated with festive decorations and festivities that spread across all regions. And often these European cities embrace many activities and events to celebrate the coming of the New Year, among them there are Christmas markets that are awaited by tourists and the local population impatiently because of the wonderful shops available in the form of decorated huts in which everything related to Christmas is sold in terms of decor, souvenirs, food and drinks Hot from the cold, and these markets receive several local choir teams to chant Christmas songs and chants. Here are the best Christmas markets in Europe:

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is located in the east of France on the border with Germany and is famous for its wonderful wooden houses and colorful and stone-paved streets, and the Christmas market in Strasbourg is among the oldest markets in Europe where we first join in the year 1570. Today, the Christmas market has joined in 10 different places throughout The city has more than 300 shacks transformed into shops, cafes and restaurants, offering visitors the best products related to Christmas and New Year celebrations, delicious French dishes and drinks, such as hot chocolate.

Vienna, Austria

ViennaThe Austrian capital Vienna is famous for its wonderful Christmas markets, where the city is adorned with lights and colorful Christmas trees. The first Christmas market was held in Vienna in 1298, and now the city has joined more than 20 events in the framework of New Year’s celebrations. Vienna is visiting many tourists from all over the world to visit these charming markets because of the wonderful products, festive music, food and other activities available.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the best tourist destinations that tourists can visit in the month of December, as it is characterized by its wonderful markets, buildings and ancient bridges witnessing its ancient history. There are two Christmas markets in Prague that are only a few minutes from each other, the first is in Prague’s Old Town Square and the second in Wenceslas Square and includes wooden huts decorated with colors and lights offering the finest food and beverages as well as products related to Christmas and souvenirs.

Florence, Italy

FlorenceFlorence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy because of its abundant historical landmarks and wonderful tourist places. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world visit Florence to enjoy what this city dating back to BC offers. In Florence, there is the famous Pisa Santa Croce market, which includes more than 50 shops selling the most famous italyn products and fine foods such as cheese, bread, olive oil, candy, soup and hot siphon to fight the cold winter.

Birmingham, UK

BirminghamThe city of Birmingham is one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom, where it is full of monuments and wonderful tourist places, the most famous of which is in the winter, the Christmas market, which is the largest of its kind after the markets of Germany. He joins in Victoria Square between November 15 and December 23 of each year and receives more than 120 wooden shacks displaying all kinds of products related to Christmas, as well as British cuisine, which is often prepared in the winter.

Copenhagen, Denmark

DenmarkTivoli Gardens is located in the Danish capital Copenhagen, and is among the famous tourist attractions in the country, which is visited by thousands of tourists annually, as it is one of the oldest recreational parks in history, since it was created in 1843. This historic and tourist parameter embraces the Christmas market where wooden stalls decorated with wonderful lights and colors are held. Night shows are offered for lights and traditional Danish songs, as well as fireworks that take place on December 25 and 26 as well as on New Year’s Eve.

Berlin Germany

Berlin The German capital is very famous for the worst Christmas, which is spreading everywhere, as it is the most famous tourist destination in Europe for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Tourists can visit these wonderful markets, which are decorated with the colors of joy and pleasure, which smell of ginger candy and hot chocolate, and if it is necessary to visit one market in Berlin, we advise visitors to visit the Gendarmenmarkt market because of the wonderful wooden kiosks, delicious German and Austrian cuisine and beautiful traditional handicrafts .

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