Best city in Germany for tourism

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Hamburg is the best German city for tourism

Hamburg is considered one of the best German cities ever, as it was classified according to recent statistics that it is the largest German country in size, and the largest city in northern Europe, and is characterized by its mild climate in summer and winter and this makes it a distinguished station for tourism and recreation, and is characterized by the presence of many scenic places in it. In this article, we will talk about the most important tourist places, and hotels, in addition to its restaurants.

Tourist places in Hamburg

  • Reeperbahn or Red Light District: Riberian Street is one of the famous and distinctive streets in Hamburg, where many delicious foods can be eaten inside the cafes inside it, such as fresh fish, fruits, and nuts of all kinds, and drinking tea.
  • St. Michael’s Church: St. Michael’s Church is considered one of the oldest churches in Hamburg, where it was built in the mid-seventeenth century AD, and perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it is its construction, designed in the Baroque architectural style.
  • Stadium Park: It is one of the largest parks in Hamburg, with about 184 acres, and it is characterized as one of the distinct places for recreation and relaxation, where picturesque fountains, ancient and historical buildings can be enjoyed, in addition to the possibility of having distinctive and large stadiums, such as football fields, basketball courts, And tennis courts.


  • Scandic Hamburg Emporio: It is one of the distinguished hotels in Hamburg, as it offers many varied services, including wireless internet, places for massage and sauna, and allows its customers to see chefs preparing various food and drinks, in addition to the free car rental service.
  • Barcello Hamburg: It is considered one of the modern and modern hotels in Hamburg, as it provides many varied services to its customers, among them we offer the most delicious international cuisine, and the provision of specialized places for exercise, in addition to the presence of dedicated places for massage and sauna.
  • Lindner Hotel am Michel: It is one of the luxury hotels in Hamburg, as it provides many distinguished services for its customers, including a sauna service, and coffee and tea facilities, in addition to providing the most delicious and delicious German and international cuisine.


  • Caffe May: The Caffe Mai restaurant is characterized by serving light and delicious foods such as sausages, cheeses, vegetables, and bread, in addition to corn flakes.
  • Café Rastray: It is considered one of the oldest restaurants in Hamburg. The restaurant is characterized by serving delicious desserts and local cakes, in addition to serving hot and cold drinks.
  • Brodersen: It is one of the traditional restaurants in Hamburg, where it offers well-known traditional cuisine. You can also sit in the garden outside the restaurant and see the beautiful scenery in Hamburg.

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