Best program Family travel to Turkey Turkey is one of the big tourist countries that have become famous during the recent period, as there are a lot of entertainment, tourism and ancient historical places, as there are a lot of restaurants and luxury tourist attractions, as it is one of the places that suit families in terms of prices and in terms of places Distinctive, as it is one of the countries that combine the civilization of East and West, so we recommend you to travel to it with the family.

The most popular family travel place for Turkey – a tourist program in Turkey for families:

  • Patara Beach which is near Kalkan:

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that you can see in the state of Turkey, as it extends over an area of ​​18 kilometers from land, as it contains a large group of simple restaurants that are commensurate with the price of the family, and the beach is one of the very quiet places which It makes it suitable for toddlers who spend holidays and vacations with their families.
You can then go to the resort of Kalkan to see the Romen ruins, as it is located a few steps from the beach.

  • Kaya Resort:

It is one of the largest resorts in the state of Turkey, and also the most crowded, and overlooks an abandoned Greek village, as it contains a large weekly will that you can buy all your needs from it, as it contains a large number of old restaurants that you can eat dinner in the company of Your family.

  • Sultanahmet District:

But if you want to accompany your family on a historical and civilized excursion, you must take them to visit the Sultanahmet area, which contains a large group of historical and tourist attractions such as mosques and churches, as well as old museums, public parks and restaurants.
You can also visit Al Ahmadi for a kebab meal, as it is the most famous restaurant that serves kebab, and you prefer to eat it on the upper floor in order to enjoy eating delicious kebabs while watching the ancient city.

  • Ortakoy region visit:

It is one of the small villages that used to be the headquarters for the establishment of the sultans of the old Ottoman Empire, and there are many picturesque tourist places to which tourists from all countries of the world come by name, and among the distinguished places in this neighborhood are the following:

  • Visiting the Chiran Palace, which dates back to the sixteenth century AD, where Sultan Abdul Aziz was ordered to build and was built in a modern and distinct style from what the old Ottoman state was famous for.
  • Eating a komper meal, also you should not miss to eat this meal that is characterized by the famous neighborhood and tourists come to eat it from the countries of the world in order to enjoy it and eat it, as you can then take a ferry and take a Bosphorus hike.
  • Girl’s Tower:

You can also visit the girl’s tower, which is one of the very famous landmarks of the country of Turkey, as it contains a large collection of ancient monuments and relics, as it has been told by many myths about the reason for the name, so many tourists go to visit it.

  • Puppet Hill:

It is one of the very distinct places in Istanbul, which has a charming view, and it includes minarets and you can stand on this hill in order to see the entire Istanbul neighborhood, and the neighborhood from above the hill looks like a large artistic painting that combines the European side and the Asian roads It is one of the great hills of Turkey, but it is the most beautiful.

  • Bostanci Lunapark:

If you want all of your family and family to enjoy a day of distinguished entertainment, you should visit Bostanci Lunapark, which is only ten minutes away from Istanbul, and it has a large collection of distinctive games that suit adults and children in an atmosphere of joy and fun.
You can ride a bunch of exciting games like the EGGION game, which is one of the most amazing games that you can try, as it resembles a catapult that throws you to the sky, but your heart must be dead in order to challenge yourself and ride this interesting game.
As for if you want special games that suit your children, we advise you to share the fun and play with them through octopus, toy cars, rolling horses, crazy house, and other games that suit children.

  • Optimum Outlet Complex:

If you want to take a free tour for you and your family in order to buy what the family needs and buy a set of gifts for you and your family, you can visit this complex, which consists of five floors, each floor has a large group of shops that you find all the international brands that suit everyone, as well It has a very special corner for children, and it has a large group of restaurants in order to enjoy spending a whole day you and your family.
Dear reader, going to the country of Turkey is a very special opportunity, as you can combine the authenticity of the past and the advancement of civilization at one time, so do not miss the opportunity to travel with the family to Turkey in order to spend an enjoyable vacation.

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