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The Philippines, which is located in the southeastern side of the continent of Asia and its capital, while, to the western side of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the most beautiful and beautiful places in the entire world, as it is considered an archipelago which consists of a large number of islands, which number approximately 7107 islands, where the length of coasts is estimated The Philippines is about 36.289 km.

It is characterized by beautiful forests, and the waters that are located next to these islands, aside from that it contains coral ramifications that contain water, pearls, and seaweed, which made them strange and unique islands, and this leads to a significant increase in the number of tourists, which makes it a destination to attract Tourists from all countries, and in this article we will get to know some of the islands famous worldwide.

Best Philippine Islands


It is considered one of the most beautiful Philippine islands, which constitutes nearly a third of the Philippine islands, and it was formed with Manana, Lawson, the middle archipelago, in addition to the fact that it includes many tourist attractions that are very impressive such as the Ludok River, Lake Palensayayao, and the Sagi Marine Reserve.

It is also considered one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines, aside from that it is distinguished by the white beach that contains the clean sand that tourists enjoy, the pure sea water, and religious monuments represented in the churches and temples, in addition to that it holds many festivals, which prompted a large number From investors to building resorts and tourist hotels, which contribute to receiving a large number of tourists during the year.


It contains many picturesque natural appearances that helped it obtain one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the entire world, according to the United Nations classifications related to beauty and natural, as it includes the coasts of Palawan which are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which can allow By diving, snorkelling and visiting, aside from that, it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it contains the underground waters of the Boyuto Princessa River.


It is considered a destination for a very large number of tourists, and although it is small in size, it is famous for the clear waters that made it the most important resorts in the world, in addition to the beaches that contain white sand, and it is worth noting that it has occupied a prominent place in world tourism since the seventies , And is characterized by the low cost of residence on this island, as the beaches of this island won the second best beaches in the world.


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