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Male Island

Male Island is the administrative capital of the Republic of the Maldives, and it is the seat of government departments, where it is located in the waters of the Indian Ocean to the southwest of Sri Lanka, specifically at a distance of six hundred and forty-five kilometers from it, and it is worth noting that it connects with all of India And Sri Lanka is through lines of ships and marine ships, as it provides transportation, domestic and external flights through Mali International Airport, and Male Island is considered an important commercial center in the country; it is famous for fishing, and you C coconut, palm weaving inventory, and fruit bread.

Villingili Island

Villingili Island is about one kilometer from the western shore of the island of Malé, a small island that fascinates visitors with its beauty, the magnificence of its breathtaking scenery, and its tranquility that attracts those wishing to relax. Sports activities, such as: swimming, soccer, and it is important to mention that Villingili Island includes many shops, cafes, and restaurants serving delicious seafood.

Fumlek Island

Fumlak Island (English: Fuvahmulah) is considered a magnificent atoll of the magnificent Maldives, inhabited by approximately 12,380 people, and it is considered the most beautiful among the Maldives for many reasons; it includes within it many fertile lands, forests, swamps, swamps, swamps In addition to the diversity of its agricultural riches, such as: apples, oranges, manga, guava, sweet potatoes, and others, and animals, such as: fish known locally as (Kattelhi), and the Maury bird, and others.

Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island is considered one of the artificial islands, and it was created with the aim of solving the problem of the population explosion that the capital suffers from (Male Island), as this island managed to attract the population to it, so the number of its inhabitants reached approximately 2,866 people. It is worth mentioning that the country’s government has taken care of establishing development projects on the island, and building anchorage for it, in addition to the establishment of many resorts and guest houses, as this island is characterized by a low rate of pollution in it compared to the rest of the Maldives.

Thodu Island

Thoddoo Island is considered a small coral island with an oval shape, as its seashore extends along one kilometer and is inhabited by approximately 1,350 people, most of whom work in fishing and marine creatures. This island is also famous for its suitable soil for growing many crops. Like watermelon, it includes a number of resorts, in which festivals and traditional dance performances are held, in addition to that it is also a historical destination, due to the presence of many archaeological evidence.


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