Best Philippine Islands

المسافرون العرب

Boracay Island

Boracay Island is located in the western Philippines, with an area of ​​less than ten square kilometers, and its main beach stretches four kilometers, and is filled with restaurants, bars, and resorts, and the island provides visitors with many activities such as: diving, horse riding, and golf. The spectacular sunset, which has long attracted many tourists around the world, and this island is filled with facilities, buildings and large numbers of tourists usually meet.

The white island

The White Island is located off the coast of Camiguin, and it is one of the favorite islands for tourists from inside and outside, and it is devoid of trees and various facilities except for some small huts selling snacks and renting umbrellas, and because of the lack of shade in this island it is preferable to go to it in the early morning or in Late in the day to avoid hot times during the day.

Abu Island

Abu Isla is a small island that provides electricity for a few hours in the evening, it is not far from the mainland, and is part of the Visayas which is part of the main islands in the heart of the Philippines, and is usually accessed through the island of Negros which is the fourth largest island in the Philippines.

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Palawan Island

Balloon is an archipelago of 2,000 islands, providing visitors with an unforgettable vacation, and to the west is the world’s longest natural river, extending nearly eight kilometers across underground caves.

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Cebu Island

Cebu Island is known for its annual Sinulog festival, and is the seat of many beautiful beaches located north and south of the city center, and its commercial area has many shops, shopping, hotels, bars, and restaurants, and the beach, heritage sites, and city center can be visited, And go south to the city, a way to swim with whales.

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