Best places for tourism in Chennai – India

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Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, which is located in southern India, is famous for its ancient heritage, its many monuments and historical monuments that attract many visitors from home and abroad, and also being one of the centers of art and culture in the country. Although it has all the characteristics of global cities, it still retains its charm and authentic identity. Also, besides art, culture and history, tourists in Chennai find a variety of attractions such as quiet beaches, parks and major shopping malls. To find out more, please click here.

Ariganar Anna Zoo

Best places for tourism in Chennai India - Best places for tourism in Chennai - India
Don’t miss the Ariganar Anna Zoo, especially if you are traveling with your children. The park is located about 35 km from the city of Chennai, and includes 1500 different species of animals spread in a very wide area. In addition to the regular sections of the zoos, “Ariganar Anna” offers its visitors the opportunity to take safari trips and see elephants, deer and lions in their natural environment, in addition to a section devoted to night animals, butterflies and a fish tank. The park opens its doors to visitors every day except Thursday, between nine in the morning and five in the evening (according to the local time in India), and the price of the entry ticket starts from 30 rupees, and for a small fee, you can take your own cameras and photograph inside the garden.

Simezi Bunga

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The Simuzhi Bunga Botanical Garden is among the best places for families to visit in the city of Chennai, thanks to its vast area of ​​20 hectares, and because it contains many exotic and rare flowers and medicinal herbs in special departments under the management of the garden department in the city of Chennai. For everyone’s admiration, the botanical garden has been divided into different gardens, which are fern, rock garden, butterfly garden and many others.

Marina Beach

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Marina Beach is famous for being one of the world’s longest beaches of its kind, and it is one of the places that allow its visitors to enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset. The beach is also distinguished by its unique location between vast sandy areas among palm trees on one side and blue ocean waters on the other side. As for the activities that can be done there, you can visit the old lighthouse located on the south end of the beach in addition to other buildings such as the swimming pool, fish tank and garden.

Alf Nur Mosque

Alf Alf Nur Mosque is an engineering marvel visited by many tourists in Chennai. The mosque is illuminated from inside by a thousand oil lamps, among which the name came, and it is also distinguished by its multiple domes.


Tourists looking for exquisite landscapes such as those in the Kochi rivers no longer need to leave Chennai, as they can visit Motocado, a beautiful area on the coast of the Bay of Bengal that has many rivers. But its tourism potential does not stop at its beautiful nature, but also provides its visitors with the possibility to do many activities such as water sports, and provides them with fine restaurants and many floating hotels. Although Motocado can be visited all year round, it is preferred to visit it during the winter months between November and February, when the weather is nice.
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