Best places in Abu Dhabi

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The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi represents one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Abu Dhabi, and the whole world, where this architectural masterpiece was designed by the French engineer Jean Nouvel, who in his design of the museum relied on the display of the authentic character of Abu Dhabi, knowing that the museum is covered from the top of the net dome It allows natural sunlight to pass through, and the air through it. The museum consists of 55 rooms, 23 of which are used for permanent display. These rooms also contain about six hundred works, and art pieces collected from around the world, and will be displayed continuously in the museum, in addition to It will Showing three hundred pieces of France temporarily.

Culture village

The Heritage Village is located near the Abu Dhabi Corniche, and it includes many models that depict the shape of traditional hair houses, and other models that embody the way in which water was extracted from wells, irrigation of crops in the past, in addition to embodiment of old bazaars and mud houses, as they are shown Traditional craftwork methods, such as: sewing, pottery making, crockery, and metal.

The Great Mosque

The Grand Mosque, or Sheikh Zayed Mosque, was established by order of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the state, where the mosque appeared after its completion as one of the unique examples of religious architecture with engineering that captures the beholder in all the Emirates, and also at the global level, where it is distinguished by its amazing design and quality The materials used in its creation are marble, gemstones, ceramics, crystal and gold, knowing that these materials were brought from the original inhabitants of it.

Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace represents one of the most beautiful, and most luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi, and the Emirates, and it is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Its cost was estimated at about three billion dollars, and it was designed from the inside, and the exterior is elaborately, and attractive. Most of its parts from the inside are made of gold. Pure, or marble, It is worth noting that the hotel consists of four hundred rooms and suites, in addition to a luxurious conference hall used to display concerts and ballet dances.

The Corniche

The Corniche is a suitable area for enjoying stunning natural scenery and self-entertainment; it includes many wonderful gardens, contemporary high-rise buildings, water fountains, and dedicated places; for hunting and bird watching activities, in addition to a sea path spread over the edges of the trees.

sea ​​World

World of Seas Yas is the first water center of its kind in the Emirates, as this center allows visitors to take on water adventures, and enjoy various entertainment means, and allows adventure-seekers to dive; to extract pearls by ancient traditional methods, and died another opportunity; to search for the lost treasure, and other activities Provided by marine world in Abu Dhabi.


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