Best places in Kuwait

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The Emirate of Kuwait is located in the Arab Gulf region, bordered to the north and west by Iraq, to ​​the south by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to the east by the Arabian Gulf, whose capital is Kuwait City, which is its main political center, with an area of ​​17818 square kilometers. Kuwait obtained its resignation from the United Kingdom In 1961 AD, its population is about 2,646,318 million people.

Best places in Kuwait

Kuwait includes a group of historical and tourist attractions, the most important of which are:

Kuwait Towers

It includes three towers located on the Arabian Gulf coast of Kuwait City opposite the Basman Palace, work began in 1986, a Swedish company made the designs and implemented by a Yugoslav company. These towers were officially opened in 1979 AD as a symbol of the country’s economic and urban renaissance, the towers differ from each other and gradually At its heights, where the height of the highest tower in it, called the main tower, is about 178 meters, and it is a tower that consists of a group of halls suitable for celebrations and famous restaurants, including the horizon restaurant, which is one of the most famous restaurants in the Arabian Gulf in terms of its view, and the middle tower 147 meters, which is a tower Water stocks, the smaller 113-meter tower, which is responsible for providing the lighting of the towers of others by searchlights Aladhah Tower.

Liberation Tower

In the center of Kuwait City, it was established in 1996 AD, and it is the communications tower, with a height of 372 meters, and is one of the highest towers in the world.

=== The Green Island ===

It is an artificial island, and it is part of the waterfront in Kuwait, established in 1988 AD, which includes a group of stadiums, gardens, restaurants and the Roman amphitheater where celebrations and festivals are held.
=== Failaka Island ===

It is classified as one of the most beautiful and oldest Kuwaiti historical islands, located in the northwestern side of the Arabian Gulf, 20 kilometers from the Kuwaiti coast.
=== The Messila Water Village ===

The village is located in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, in the Al-Messila area on the coastal road, founded in 1992, and it includes many recreational facilities and games and includes many water games, the village is characterized by the types of games in it.
=== The ski hall ===

It is located in the Green Belt area in Kuwait, with an area of ​​8,398 square meters. It is a large sports hall, established in 1980 AD, which includes a group of gyms for the Olympic Games.


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