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Sigiriya overlooks a high place in the Matali region, also called (Lion Rock Castle), which is considered one of the most beautiful places, and archaeological sites in Sri Lanka; it is a unique archaeological rock castle, where the World Heritage is classified within the World Heritage List For UNESCO, the rock is characterized by the presence of many gardens, and the ponds that circulate around it; therefore, it provides a valuable opportunity for visitors to enjoy sightseeing when climbing to the top.

The city of Dambulla

Dambulla is considered one of the major cities in Sri Lanka, and it is famous for a group of temples that were built inside the caves, and what made it more famous is that it includes the largest of these temples that are filled with a group of statues, large artworks, Buddhist artworks, Buddhist artworks That occupies large areas, where the size of these paintings reaches about two thousand and one hundred square meters.

Unawatuna Bay

The city of Unawatuna (English: Unawatuna) overlooks this Gulf, which is one of the most visited beaches by tourists from inside and outside the country, knowing that it paints an image that resembles horseshoe, and what makes the scene more amazing is the presence of coral reefs that protect it With its calm waters, charming sandy beaches, and its short waves, in addition to providing the visitor with an opportunity to practice swimming, diving, or enjoyable walks in the sand, or boat rides, it is worth noting that on its beaches are a group of hotels that provide Beautiful accommodation for visitors.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park enjoys (in English: Yala National Park) is very famous in Sri Lanka, an area of ​​about 1,268 km2, which is characterized by wildlife; where the visitor can see a variety of animals, including: monkeys, buffaloes, crocodiles, elephants, and it also includes Forests are not dense trees, green plains, and a group of lakes whose waters are somewhat salty.


Mirissa is one of the best tourist places in Sri Lanka, where whales and dolphins can be found when visiting the city, by taking a boat ride, and it is worth noting that a visitor can also see the Pidurangala Rock (English: Pidurangala: English) Rock) which can be considered a dream for climbers.

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