Guide to the most beautiful places for camping in Dubai It is recommended to visit, there are many tourist areas in Dubai that distinguish them from others in the world, and these areas include the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, Palm Jumeirah and the Heritage Village.
Also, there are many places you can camp in, so I will offer you some camping areas in Dubai on the Arab Travelers website.

Best places to camp in Dubai:

There are many attractive and wonderful areas that are suitable and designated for camping in Dubai, including the following: –

1- Power Lakes:

. Al Qudra Lakes is about half an hour away from Dubai.
. Power lakes include beautiful lakes that can provide green spaces and other beautiful scenery, making it the ideal place for camping enthusiasts who want to enjoy camping and spend a good time.

2- Fossil Rock:

. Fossil Rock is one of the best places for a picnic.
. It is also an ideal place for camping and contains dunes.
. There, you can practice a lot of math, such as driving an SUV, cycling and much more.

3- Liwa Desert:

. There is the Liwa Desert in the Empty Quarter, where you will find the perfect atmosphere for camping amongst the stars.
. Films from the Star Wars movie, part seven, were filmed in this desert.

4- White sand beach:

. There is a white sand beach along the coast of Oman.
. It is also an informal place, and it is also an ideal place for camping and in a romantic atmosphere to fall asleep on the sound of colliding waves.

5- Umm Al Quwain Beach:

. Umm Al Quwain beach stretches from north to south Al Riffa area.
. It is an ideal place to spend a great time camping.
. In some cases, a high tide may occur in this area, so you should take care and caution.
. When choosing a camping site, you can also camp near the highway.

6- Ras Al-Khaimah Desert:

. You can reach the Ras Al Khaimah desert by regular car, but it is better to reach it by SUV.
. This area is characterized by trees and palm trees, such as banyan trees.
. It also features wild birds.

7- Dhafra Beach:

. Dhafra Beach is located in Abu Dhabi.
. The beach is the ideal place for camping.
. The beach includes sea turtles and flamingo birds.
. There are many fish in the sea, such as queen, trivali and red fish.
. You can also dive and fish at the same time.
. It is worth noting while going camping that you activate the Global Positioning Service GPS, And to charge your phone for caution and precaution.

8- Khor Najd:

. The Najd Creek is one of the most beautiful beaches, because it is located away from the noise of the city.
. It is also an ideal place by heating by setting fire.
. With a kayak you can take a tour with a guide.

9- Hayr Forest:

. It is an ideal area for camping, as it is not far from the city and this is suitable for people who do not want to get away from the city.
. You can also reach Al Hayr Forest by following the iron fence between the Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.
. There are many Ghaf trees in Al-Hayr forest.

10- Wadi Al-Waria:

. Wadi Al-Waria stretches from the south of the Sultanate of Oman to the northern Strait of Hormuz.
. This valley is called by this name in relation to the pious plant.

11- Sands for Habab:

. Sands of Habbab by Hatta are about half an hour near the fossil rock.
. You can have many barbecues and enjoy the best and best moments with family, friends and loved ones.
. You can enjoy my nights rest and calm in the free air.

12- Shisa Beach:

. Camping is located near Chisa Beach, a quarter of an hour on a palm plantation.
. There are clean bathrooms and washbasins available.
. There are also many tents, where you can book a tent.
. You can also have fun by taking owls tours and going diving especially for people who like to dive.

13- Al-Zaid Region:

. Al-Zaid area is one of the best places to camp.
. This area provides the opportunity to lead Quad Quad Bike.
. To be careful, choose a place between the valley and sand dunes, so as not to get hurt by the wind.
. Examine the place well, as you may find desert insects or scary reptiles.

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