Best places to see fireworks in Dubai

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Fireworks in Dubai are among the most amazing things that you can see as soon as you see them on the ground, or on television from anywhere in the world, especially during New Year’s Eve, and also on Eid Al-Fitr, and on various occasions. If you are on a tour or visit, Or even a resident and you do not know the most prominent places where fireworks, you should follow our article today from Arab travelers, and we will help you to reach these places easily.
These offers attract the attention of millions of citizens, whether Arabs, or foreigners, in addition to the thousands of residents in Dubai who go to see these offers that are beyond imagination, as the United Arab Emirates is known to organize impressive shows for fireworks.
More than once, Dubai has entered the Arab traveler Guinness by setting records in fireworks shows, which are organized annually.

Best places to see fireworks in Dubai

These offers cost thousands of Emirati dirhams annually, and you can see the fireworks that distinguish Dubai, decorate the sky, and make them sparkle with wonderful lights, every year during New Year’s Eve or on Eid Al-Fitr, and also on various occasions, and among those places that You see through these offers the following: –

Dubai Festival City Mall

It is a well-known area in which there are fireworks displays, as it features a wonderful waterfront view, and it gives you many different recreational activities, including a boat tour, as well as shopping inside the mall, and others.

Lamir Beach

When the blessed Eid Al-Fitr A, Ras Al-Nessa night comes, you find the skyline of Dubai lit with fireworks, opposite Lamir Beach, which is located in Jumeirah 1, and there you can sit on the sand, and enjoy delicious meals.
Celebrations begin during the events from nine in the evening.


It is an ancient heritage area, from which you can see amazing displays of fireworks, which are located near the Dubai Creek area.

Burj Khalifa

Of course, no one is not waiting for the incredible fireworks that Dubai makes about Burj Khalifa. During New Year’s Eve, thousands of people gather around this tower to see the bright colors, and the wonderful fireworks that decorate and illuminate the sky, even if you do not Located in Dubai, you are sure to wait for the fireworks on TV screens to start showing up, after 12:00 midnight.

Plaza Tower

It is located in the open air, and admission to it is free. It is a suitable place for everyone who wants to enjoy the distinctive fireworks in the middle of the city. We also find this tower overlooking the Burj Khalifa.

Palm Jumeirah

There are a number of places and views that allow you to enjoy watching fireworks, especially on New Year’s Eve, and on various occasions. Among those interfaces that are there are the following: –

  • Palm Jumeirah Hotels, including Atlantis The Palm, Rixos, Anantara, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Kempinski, and others.
  • The Board Walk.

Kite Beach

This beach is located near the Burj Al Arab, and you can watch and enjoy the fireworks show during New Year’s Eve.

Barasti Beach

Through its distinctive look, it allows you to enjoy the fireworks display, but we recommend that you book early especially if you want to spend New Year’s Eve there.

Festival Bay

It has about four fireworks displays, in addition to a number of other recreational activities that this place offers.

Dubai Shopping Festival

You can see during this festival a number of amazing fireworks shows on a daily basis during his stay in Dubai, which will be between December 26, 2020 AD, and until Saturday February 2, 2020 AD.


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