Azerbaijan is located “Land of Fire” in the Caucasus Mountains, which is a country with an ancient history dating back thousands of years, unique natural monuments and a growing sector of tourism. The economy of Azerbaijan mainly depends on oil and its derivatives, which contributed greatly to the construction boom in it, and to the construction of hotels and modern resorts on a large scale.
In addition to Baku, Azerbaijan has many tourist sites such as the shores of the Caspian Sea, mud volcanoes, charming rural areas, green orchards and picturesque mountainous nature. Because it is considered one of the unusual tourist destinations, and it has a lot to offer at the same time, we review here a list of places and tourist activities that we recommend visiting or undertaking in Azerbaijan.


Baku is called the “city on the hillside”, which, along with other capitals, Tbilisi in Georgia and Yerevan in Armenia, is located at the crossroads between Asia and Europe.
Baku is distinguished by its mixture of historical and cultural monuments, with modern and contemporary features, and this is what most admires the visitors, as well as opportunities for tourism activities such as shopping and dining local dishes. Day by day Baku becomes a major tourist destination in the Caucasus region, and it is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in the region.

Tourist activities in Baku

You can take a walking tour of the old city, which includes landmarks such as Virgo, Sherwan Shah Palace and Diwan Khan, in addition to the many ancient mosques there. Next, we advise you to visit the souks in the city center, in which local seasonal products are sold. Also in this area are modern landmarks such as the Torch Tower that overlooks the sea.
Head to the Fire Mountain “Yanar Dag”, which is located near Baku. Natural gas has been burning continuously in this mountain for thousands of years, surrounded by mud volcanoes that only exist in Azerbaijan.



The Caucasus Mountains surround the city of Sheki, which is located in the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan in terms of landscapes, and it is a very old city dating back more than two thousand years. The city includes many sights worth seeing, as it is famous for its buildings of ancient artistic architectural design, and its sites of cultural and historical importance, traditional handicrafts and baklava sweets.
Sightseeing in Sheki is the best way to get to know its history between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, as most of its buildings go back to that period.

Tourist activities in Sheki

Learn more about the history of Azerbaijan and its rich culture by visiting the medieval fort, the Khan Palace and the local history museum, in addition to popular markets and handicraft workshops. Landmarks also include the medieval Chinaz Tower, Gillersin-Geresen Fortress, ancient Albanian churches, decorated Persian gardens, murals, and stained glass works.


Azerbaijan’s second largest city, dating back to 494 BC. Ganga has a rich cultural history and attractions that attract many tourists, including vineyards, forests, rivers, lakes and mountainous nature. The city also includes a number of mineral springs, in which medicinal naphthalene oil is produced.

Tourist activities in Ganga

The city of Ganga is characterized by houses of “bottles”, which are buildings that each adorn nearly fifty thousand glass bottles, while other landmarks include the popular Ganga market for local food products.
Also learn about other landmarks such as Nizami Mausoleum and Friday Mosque in Ganges, as well as natural attractions such as Goiguol Lake.


The city of Lankaran is located in the southeastern part of Azerbaijan, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and it has many fine resorts and wonderful buildings, and is characterized by its pleasant weather and the picturesque nature surrounding it.
The terrain surrounding Lankaran combines mountainous highlands with pebbly beaches, while the Lankaran Fort and Kiosk Bazar Mosque are among its most important landmarks. Lankaran is 100 km from the city of Khang, a medieval city between the 12th and 14th centuries.

Tourist activities in Lankaran

Visit the city market where souvenirs and restaurants are sold outdoors. You can also drive by car to the Hirkan Natural Park, which houses a number of endangered animal species such as the Asian Leopard, the Persian Leopard, and the Lynx.
Lankaran is characterized by its narrow streets in the downtown area, the Lankaran Fortress of the fourteenth century AD, and the home of Mirakhand Khan and hot springs located near the border with Iran.


Gabala is located between deep canyons and high mountains, 225 km from Baku. Gabala always surprises visitors with its cultural landmarks dating back to different historical eras, in addition to the amazing nature of Azerbaijan in general. Spring is the best time of the year to visit Gabala. During it, the weather is fair, the earth is green, and flowers and plants bloom.
Attractions in Gabala include a skating rink, a racetrack, and a number of sports fields, as well as natural attractions such as river valleys, chestnut forests, and Russian forests. A number of annual music festivals are also held in Gabala.

Tourist activities in Gabala

Visit the History Museum, in which relics have been unearthed in various regions of Azerbaijan, some dating back to the fourth century AD. The International Festival of Classical Music is held annually in the city, and it is recommended that any visitor to the city attend it. Gabala also contains a large war memorial, which is decorated with many artworks.
For nature lovers, Gabala boasts stunning natural landscapes that include seven waterfalls, Mount Cohrad and several beautiful rural areas surrounding it.

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