If you are looking for the best places to visit in Dubai, we will present it to you through our article today from Arab travelers. In recent times, this country has become an important tourist destination, which is frequented by many tourists, because the processes of development and development made it a lot of citizens want to work with, Or go to establish a tourist and leisure trip, but whoever visits it the first time may not know the interfaces that he can visit, and therefore we will present to you the most famous places that must be visited on your trip to Dubai, so follow the following lines.

The city of Dubai

It is the place that does not stop development and innovation, and it occupies the fourth place in the world in the number of visits of citizens to it, it has many attractive tourist places, in addition to the markets that it has, and the wonderful beaches, as well as the advanced facilities and buildings that you see, She is charming with her designs.

Best places to visit in Dubai

You have many attractions and places to visit, so you should visit them, and do not deprive yourself of this opportunity, and of enjoying the atmosphere there.
We will present to you the most famous places in Dubai through the following points: –

Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest tower in the world, reaching a height of 828 meters, and it consists of many floors that may reach more than 145, and from which you can see the entire city of Dubai, and you can also eat in the restaurant, which is located on the 148th floor.

Dubai Fountain

It is located in two places that are outside the doors of the Dubai Mall as we have indicated, and also below the Burj Khalifa, and it includes the largest system of dancing fountain in the world, and the water show may reach a height of about 150 meters by air.
Water dances are illuminated in bright and cheerful colors, and are also organized with musical notes to give a wonderful look.
It has two shows, and it is after noon at one o’clock, and one and a half at noon, except for Friday it will be from one and a half until two o’clock.
As for the evening shows, they start at sunset every half hour, until eleven in the evening.

The Dubai Mall

Through it you can experience the shopping experience, and it is located directly beside the Burj Khalifa, and its interior space is enormous. One day is not enough to finish seeing it. It has 150 restaurants and 1,200 stores. It also has an ice rink and also an amusement park.
In addition to the outdoor dancing fountain and the gigantic waterfalls, it has a huge water zoo, and also Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Creek

It is a marine tongue like a river, and we find that it is 15 kilometers in length, and divides Dubai into two main halves, and it is one of the important tourist areas there.
We advise you when you go to the creek not to miss making a trip through the water, and boat rides, for AED, it is one of the cheapest tourist attractions that offer you the lowest value.

Dubai Marina

It is the largest human-made marina, and through it you can see the tallest residential buildings in the world, and you can walk on the walkway, in addition to seeing these views from the sea water, as you swim in the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

The most beautiful beaches of Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach

In front of this sea, The Beach is a great place for those who love to watch movies, eat food, and for those who want to shop, while also going to the beach and listening to DJ music, in addition to the summer cinema, all in one place.

Kite Beach

Through it you can test your skills, in water sports, you can also ride degrees, surfing, and there are a lot of other activities that you can do outside the sea, and you can see a wonderful view of the Burj Al Arab.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Dubai

  • Dubai Museum.
  • The historical Al Fahidi neighborhood was called Bastakiya (Old Dubai)
  • The amg theme park is a world of adventure.
  • Take a safari in the scenic desert, and enjoy the atmosphere there.
  • Go to the Dolphin Bay.
  • Visit the Dubai Water Canal.
  • Visit Madinat Jumeirah.
  • Visit Dubai Opera.
  • Go to Dubai bounce.
  • A visit to Dubai Frame combines the past and the present.
  • You can visit City Walk and shop in the open air.
  • Visit Dubai Parks and Resorts.
  • You can go to the seaside market.
  • Visit the Wild Wadi Water Park.
  • Markets for perfumes, spices and textiles.

And the city of Dubai includes many other places and huge projects, including those related to the tourism and entertainment field, including advanced buildings designed with the latest capabilities, among them the Palm Jumeirah, which is a man-made island, in the form of a palm tree, and is the largest artificial island in the world.

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