Sharm El Sheikh resorts are considered one of the most beautiful and famous tourist resorts in the world as they have international fame, and many people who wish to spend a good vacation and get rest and relaxation, and it is considered one of the best parts of the world for diving, snorkelling and all other water sports, are accepted by her. This city also includes a wonderful desert and many popular and traditional markets, as well as many luxurious resorts and many western and eastern restaurants, we will get to know them in more detail on the Arab travelers website.

Sharm El Sheikh Resorts Report:

The city of Sharm El Sheikh is distinguished by its luxurious resorts spread throughout its beaches to satisfy the taste of divers who love diving among the high coral reefs, and for the tourists who visit it to learn about its beautiful landmarks and enjoy the wonderful events that take place such as motorcycles, desert trips, cruises, camel rides, and lying boats With glass floors to enjoy seeing the coral reefs scattered in the Red Sea, spending vacation times in Sharm El Sheikh Dora the Red Sea, it is really wonderful because of the many advantages that this city enjoys, making it a destination Aahi attractive throughout the year.

Best resorts in Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Rixos Sharm El Sheikh Resort:

This resort is located in Nabq Bay and is classified as a five-star category. It is located on a white sand beach. It has three water slides and eleven swimming pools. The resort beach offers personal butler services. It also includes pool cabins and the resort provides many sports activities such as tennis and beach ball Besides many other activities such as diving, darts and billiards.

  • Cleopatra Resort:

One of the most distinguishing features of this resort is that it includes a large infinity pool, and includes a diving center and a private beach, it is a private beach and a diving center located on Nabq Bay, and the rooms of this resort are characterized by luxurious and elegant decorations, as they provide many entertainment programs that include Water lessons for morning exercise with a personal trainer, in addition to weekly tennis lessons.

  • Regency Resort Sharm El Sheikh:

This resort is distinguished by its wonderful location among the gardens, where its scenic landscapes and its views of the lagoon-style pools, as well as it has a number of private beaches and has a spa and many restaurants and shops, so massages can be enjoyed at the resort’s spa, and the resort has a fitness center Olympus Club on squash and tennis courts. The Oasis Club for children is also available in the resort, along with many children’s pools. There are also many snorkeling and diving activities.

  • Four Seasons Resort:

This resort boasts a privileged location on a high plateau and surrounded by many scenic landscapes, in addition to an atmosphere of luxury and elegant luxury, this resort includes a number of relaxing options at the health spa, and the resort provides some recreational activities such as snorkeling and diving.

  • Royal Savoy:

Royal Savoy is located in the center of Soho Square, where it is located close to Shark Bay Beach, and is located near Sharm El Sheikh Golf Resort, it has an integrated health club that offers treatment sessions with natural herbs, aromatherapy oils, massages and offers facials along with the availability of umbrellas for recreation on the roof.

  • Movenpick Resort:

This resort is located on the top of Naama Bay, and is characterized by its magnificent location, which overlooks a panoramic view of the bay. This resort is surrounded by five private beaches with warm turquoise waters and colorful fish. It offers fresh seafood, along with many facilities such as sports facilities including a pool table, four tennis courts, a picnic center, a heated swimming pool, table tennis, a diving and horse riding center and a picnic center.

  • Noriye Sharm El Sheikh Resort:

This resort is located in the center of Naama Bay, which is 14 km from Sharm El Sheikh Airport, and it is one of the Sharm El Sheikh resorts that was built in the traditional Romen style, it has all the amenities and many sailboats, safari trips, desert trips and all kinds of diving, and it has a number of Restaurants such as Moulini Restaurant and an italyn Restaurant, it has an Andalusian café, tennis court and billiard hall, and it offers many sports activities such as water skiing, sailing, horse riding, diving and bicycle rental.

  • Sunrise Grand Select Arabian Resort:

It is one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, this hotel is located on the shore of the Red Sea, where it has a private beach overlooking the island of Tiran, and provides many high-end accommodations, the resort is located away from Sharm el-Sheikh Airport about 9 km, and it is located away Naama Bay is 11 km away.

  • Club Reef Village:

This unique resort is located close to the site of Ghus Sadfa, which is located in the Gulf of Aqaba, as it is located away from the middle of Sharm El Sheikh and about 4 km from Naama Bay, and a quarter of an hour from the airport.

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