Find out about the best hotels in Thailand that are recommended to stay in, and the features of each of them. Hotels are different for each other in terms of services and absorptive capacity, and we will show you the best hotels for young people, for families in addition to new grooms to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, hotels for luxury lovers, and low-income people.

Thailand, where beauty is at its best:

Thailand is one of the most beautiful natural areas around the world, which makes it the target of tourists from various places for the beauty of nature, the large number of forests, the splendor of the white and golden sand beach in addition to the many islands in Thailand, and the magnificence of coral reefs that abound in them, and we will talk about the advantages of each hotel , And the most suitable hotels for your tourist destination.

Best Phuket Youth Hotels:

Lebua Hotel:

The Liebua Hotel is ranked number one, one of the opinions of readers of Cond Nast magazine, and it is very suitable for young people as each suite includes a kitchenette, allowing tourists to experience their skill in preparing famous Thai cooking, and the hotel provides the possibility to learn cooking through lessons that take place in Thailand.
The Lebua Hotel is the best, breakfast in Thailand at all, and has a very large pool, and for young people who want to stay outside they can also climb on top of the hotel to eat, sit in the wonderful cafes, and at the same time they will enjoy a panoramic view of Thailand in a way Dazzling, single.

Riavadi Resort:

The resort offers many huts for visitors, which can be solved separately, and it extends on the coast of the park “Khao Phanom Pencha”.
The most important characteristic of the resort of Riavadi is its unique location, as it is located at the meeting place of lush and dense forests with the dazzling Andaman Sea, and you will find many wonderful sandstones that you will only find in Thailand. Young adventure enthusiasts can take cheap kayaks or take lessons to learn how to climb mountains or learn to dive. If you are looking for recreation, you can just sit on the beach and eat unique Thai food.

Banyan Tree Samui:

  • If your visit to Thailand is to dive, swim, sit on the beach and explore tropical forests, Banyan Tree Samui is the best place to get off.
  • The hotel provides you with a unique housing experience, as it is different from any other hotel in the world, starting with the Thai architectural design, where the hotel was built on a slope above a small bay, which allows you to see the city from the top in a breathtaking and exciting way.
  • Because of the mountainous nature of the place, there are many stairs in the hotel, as there is a team specialized in transporting visitors via golf carts for free so that tourists can visit anywhere, and move around in the hotel without getting tired.

Verandah Chiangmai Resort:

The resort is located outside Chiangmai where it is directly above the mountains, and contains many cafes, and wonderful restaurants, and it is the best place to stay, amid the picturesque mountains, and you can learn how to grow rice in Thailand in addition to renting mountain bikes in order to have some adventure on your own.

Our Jungle House Hotel:

The hotel offers the opportunity to live in trees! It is considered the most suitable place for fans of adventure and mystery, who are not afraid to stay in Khao Sok’s forests where the hotel follows many prepared houses, among the trees, and it also provides accommodation in a cottage inside the forests for those who fear high houses in addition to tours in the forests at night, and trips to see different forest neighborhoods , And the types of birds that are in it, there is also a restaurant of the hotel, and it offers Wi-Fi as well as a spa resort.

Bangkok’s best family hotels:

Find the best hotels in Bangkok for families if you want to spend a unique summer vacation in Thailand, the most beautiful cities in the world.

The Peninsula Bangkok Hotel:

The Peninsula Bangkok is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, which is one of the most luxurious hotels in Thailand, and it is equipped with all the services you will need during your stay.
It is one of the best hotels suitable for families as it has an outdoor pool, places to exercise, increase physical strength in addition to many activities that children can participate in, and a restaurant that prepares many Thai and international dishes at the highest level.

Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit Hotel:

The hotel is located near Qatar Siraka Station, which gives you the opportunity to roam around the Thai capital, Bangkok with ease. The hotel also provides the opportunity to undergo massage sessions, swimming in the pool, and contains four international restaurants, and many elegant rooms suitable for different families.

Siam Kempinski Hotel:

He belongs to the category of five-star hotels, and he is internationally famous, and it is possible to reserve a room in it directly on their site, and prefers to book a period of time in order to ensure finding a place in it.

Ariasum Villa:

It is a green resort, and very suitable for calm lovers, who want to relax, and it is located in the Sukhumvit area, and it is equipped with a large outdoor swimming pool, and there is a restaurant specialized in preparing sea food, a health center for body care, and beauty in addition to the magnificence of room design, and its breadth is It is characterized by a high ceiling, and a large size windows directly on the beautiful, pleasant gardens.

Oriental Residence Hotel:

Oriental Hotel is designed in the eastern way, and is equipped with various entertainment and modern amenities. It has an indoor pool, and huge halls with glass walls extending to the ground. It also contains many activities intended for young children, and other for adults. The hotel includes a café and an international restaurant It is located near the malls of Thailand, and close to many picturesque parks and attractions, making it the best choice for your family to visit Thailand and enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation.

Bangkok’s Best Honeymoon Hotels:

Six Senses Yao Noi Hotel:

The hotel is located on an island that is considered a small island, and is known for its breathtaking beauty and elegant limestone columns. You will find plenty of rocky cliffs with beautiful green shapes in Fang Nga Bay, which will add to your poetic experience.
The hotel offers the grooms the best elegant opportunities from, and you arrive at Bangkok Airport. If you are a fan of adventure, the hotel provides a helicopter flight from the airport to the resort in an elegant, luxurious way. You can also book a villa on the hill, enjoy the independence of the idyllic yacht with, the presence of swimming pools belonging to the hotel, and many of the services it provides, and various facilities including yoga and swimming lessons.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel:

It is one of the best hotels in Thailand for honeymoon, as it stretches along the Chao Phraya River, and has been visited by grooms for more than 130 years, where modern design meets the fragrant past, comfort, and luxury, and among the customs that are still used in the hotel, guests wear formal clothes. Whether adults or children after six o’clock in the evening.
It should be noted that the hotel suites are uniquely romanticly prepared by very popular designers who have previously stayed at the hotel. Cooking classes, yoga lessons, and many activities are added to add to the beauty of your experience in Thailand.

Praia Palazzo Hotel:

Praia Palazzo Hotel is located in the middle of Bangkok, which is very close to Santichai Prakan, and many important tourist attractions in the city.It is close to the Emerald Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace, allowing you the opportunity to explore the landmarks of Thailand, and wander through its ancient streets, and at the same time do not forget, The entertainment provided by the hotel for an unforgettable honeymoon as it has an outdoor pool, roads in addition to providing picnics in the waterways, and has a restaurant that serves various types of dishes from different parts of the world. Really is the best place to make memories on your honeymoon.

W Retreat Koh Samui:

One of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok, which combines the splendor of design and modernity, and is one of the most famous international hotel chains.
The hotel is very large, stretching its private beach for 9 miles.
The hotel follows seven, forty villas, each with separate swimming pools, which gives you a lot of privacy, and the hotel offers lessons for lifting fitness, and teaching Thai cooking in addition to barbecues that are made on the beaches, which will make you feel a lot of pleasure, and renewal every day during your stay in the hotel .

Sri Panwa Phuket Hotel:

One of the most important features of the hotel is its architecture, its location where it was created on hills surrounded by water from all sides where you will find water surrounding all sides, and it provides cafes on the sea directly to drink different drinks, and move around easily, and you will never want to leave it.

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