Best tourist places in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the first cities to attract tourists every year from everywhere, and we are not talking about the beauty of the city only, but about the various activities that can be done with it, the services that it provides, and the places you can visit. We can say that Amsterdam is full of life day and night.

A tourist program in Amsterdam:

There are so many things you can do in Amsterdam, and many places you cannot miss, and we will put in place a different tourist program for you to have a totally unparalleled experience.

Best places to visit in Amsterdam:

Royal palace:

It is located in the middle of the city, and dates back to the seventeenth century. A lot of ceremonies are held every year, in which official awards are presented, and many government events are held in it because of its beauty, its expression of the city’s sense, and its special nature.

Jordan neighborhood:

  • The neighborhood of Jordan is one of the most famous, quietest, beautiful and elegant neighborhoods in the city.
  • You will find many galleries displaying various arts, especially modern art.
  • The street has a lot of shops that will make you feel a different, upscale and fruitful shopping experience.

Montelbanstone Tower:

It was established in 1516 from the most beautiful protection of the city of Amsterdam, where the meeting place of the sailors complex was ancient, but now it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city.

Artis Zoo:

  • If you are looking for the oldest zoos in the world then you have found one of them. Artis Zoo was created in 1838 AD.
  • The garden is characterized by its different design, beautiful paths, and ancient statues, as you will find many trees scattered all over.
  • Artis Zoo has many rare animals including reptiles, fish and even insects!

Maggioreburg Bridge:

If you want to spend a romantic evening it is the perfect choice, and there is no alternative!
Maggioreburg Bridge is located in the heart of the city, and it overlooks the Amstel River. It is for walking, cycling and hiking only. You will not be bothered by the passage of cars or otherwise.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam:

It is one of the most famous branches of the world wax museums If you want to spend time with your favorite actor, and he is busy with you then you will definitely find him there.
The museum includes statues of the most famous figures, whether in sports, acting, directing or politics.

Maritime Museum:

The best experience to know the history of the Dutch sailors, and their wonderful adventures over time, where you will find in the museum a lot of ships that have reached the east, and the museum enjoys international demand, and the number of people who visit it increases every year, and it comes number 11 for the museums of the Netherlands.

Best places for tourism in Amsterdam for young people:

  • Young people love to have fun, have fun, hang out, and the city of Amsterdam is undoubtedly the best option for them because they will find art, life and evening, and places to spend time with friends in large gatherings. Among the activities that can be done in Amsterdam are the following:
  • You can walk in this wonderful city or ride bicycles, and tourists can explore the water channels by diving to see interesting places that need a lot of boldness.
  • You can enjoy watching the beautiful bridges. In the city of Amsterdam there are 1,300 bridges, and you will find many squares and roads.
  • The city has many small buildings and antique houses that have a historical character, with modern and modern touches.
  • Staying in the city should be on the UNESCO list of the most beautiful places in the world. The city contains many international museums, the most famous of which is the artist’s museum, Van Gogh, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum, in which you will find many paintings, antiquities.
  • In the city there are plenty of cafes that enjoy a lot of warmth, and you will feel a total relief. Some cafes date back to 1624 AD, and the most beautiful offer of “Eat Cafe” contains wonderful Dutch sandwiches, and many fast foods.
  • It is indisputable that the music in Amsterdam is different, dazzling between classical and loud, trendy, and that young men and women gather every week on Friday, and Saturday in the Leeds Plane, Rembran Place and spend a wonderful time with each other.

The most beautiful hotels in Amsterdam:

If you are confused where to stay in Amsterdam we offer some suggestions that will match you in terms of service and price:

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky:

An elegant 5-star hotel located in the middle of Amsterdam near Dam Square and close to the town’s attractions.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam:

It is one of the best hotels in terms of services, it is about 200 meters from the city center, and the most important thing is its proximity to the Van Gogh Museum, and many archeological sites that you will enjoy seeing every day in the morning.

De la Europe Hotel:

It is located on the banks of the Amstel river in the middle of the city, and getting to the attractions via walking is not difficult.

Best places to shop in Amsterdam:

It is indispensable to mention that Amsterdam is famous for its lively shops, international fashion, and various high-quality fashions, and do not miss to visit these distinctive places:

Magna Plaza Shopping Mall:

Magna Plaza complex dates back to the nineteenth century, and it is very huge, as it consists of 3 floors, with shops selling everything from accessories, gifts, and all kinds of clothes to international brands.
At Magna Plaza you will find brands like Mango, GSUS, and restaurants serving great Italian food.

Utrecht Street:

If you are tired of shopping in malls and want to enjoy a different shopping experience then all you have to do is visit Utrecht Street, and it must be noted that the street is crowded all day.
As for its location, it is connected to the city of Rembrandt, and contains many shops that enjoy their unique design in addition to many delicious restaurants that have their own character, and vital cafes.

Pine Curve Shopping Center:

It is one of the most famous places to buy clothes, food, and everything you need literally in the middle of the city of Amsterdam, which is always crowded, and it consists of six floors
What distinguishes Pine Curve shopping center is that it gives great discounts on international brands every year in the end of October.

Calvertorn Shopping Center:

You will find many international stores, the various services you need in addition to having a restaurant on the top floor that has a unique view that you will not want to miss.

PC Hofoft:

If you are looking for international brands like Chanel, and want to buy shoes of a different nature, in the latest fashion, and original cosmetics, do not hesitate to visit this street named in honor of the name of a famous Dutch writer.

Street, Wester in Jordan:

On this street you will find many shops and international brands. There is also a market in the street, and Wester every Monday, every week, as it provides a lot of fashion and needs at affordable prices.


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