Best tourist places in Norway

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Norwegian Fjords

Norway embraces many amazing and distinctive marine fjords, and these fjords represent a natural view that is unparalleled in the country, and among these are the following:

  • Soneford Strait: The depth of this strait is about 1,308 meters.
  • Hardanger Strait: It stretches across the landscape with a distance of 179 km.
  • Geiranger strait: It is the most popular strait in Norway, and it is considered a UNESCO protected area, and many sights of the city can be seen while sailing, hiking on its banks, fishing, mountain biking, and canoeing.
  • Oslo Strait: This strait reflects the beauty of the Norwegian capital.

Oslo City Museums

The cry of Edvart Monk is one of the most famous paintings in Norway, copies of which can be found in the National Museum in Oslo, as well as in the Monk Museum, and there are many other attractions that can be visited in the city of Oslo, including (Vigelandsparken) Museum which contains more Of the two hundred carved, and lovers of living arts can visit the beautiful opera house in the city.


Bergen is characterized by its charming location among the seven mountains within the wonderful nature, and is considered the second largest city in Norway, and it is mentioned that it was the ancient capital of the country, and it has national and cultural importance, and Bergen represents a major part of the country since the Vikings era, and at the present time includes a row of colorful houses that return Its history stretches back to the fourteenth century, and the city is also famous for Mt. Fluyen, which can be reached by train.

Trollstigen Road

The Trollstigen road represents the most famous road in Norway, and its construction was completed in 1936 AD, after eight years of work on it, and it is an amazing road for construction, where the road path rises on a mountain slope, and it is mentioned that the famous architect Reulive Remstad designed it until It has become one of the most popular sites on the national tourism road network.

Other tourist places in Norway

Norway includes many other tourist places, and the following are mentioned:

  • Tusnfried Amusement Park: It is the largest amusement park in Norway, and includes more than 30 tourist attractions such as games, shops, and places to eat, so it is visited by families from all over the country, and tourists from all over the world.
  • Oslo Opera House: The largest opera house in Norway, it is the first opera house to give visitors the opportunity to walk on its roof.
  • Akershus Castle: Surrounded by the city center of Oslo, close to the Gulf of Oslo, this castle represents the best educational and exploratory tool in the city’s history.
  • Trondheim Cathedral: It is the largest building of Scandinavia in the Middle Ages, and it is the tallest Gothic building on the European continent, and the decorated western and ornamented outer wall contains statues of Bible figures, from above to below.
  • Trolltunga: It is a rocky slope, and the place represents a hiking path in the country.


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