Best tourist schedule in Bangkok for 4 days

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To ask for help as a guide to set a tourist schedule in Bangkok is to ask for help to dive into ancient civilization and cultural heritage extending for thousands of years as a tree whose roots are in the ground and its branches flutter in the sky, in addition to the aspects of modern life such as parks, game cities and shopping centers that attract the attention of Arab families searching for an enjoyable vacation and tourism trip In Bangkok, an interesting place where fun meets with education.

Through setting a tourist program in Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, we were keen to clearly highlight the beauty and modern spirit of Thai culture and its great cuisine that accepts the wealth of the whole world as you will see with us during the program.

Accommodation options when developing a tourist program in Bangkok

The ideal accommodation options in Bangkok are between hotel rooms and suites or furnished apartments
Although the most popular among them is the famous Bangkok Street Arab hotels.

The link deals with a detailed list of the best Bangkok hotels that you can stay in during a tourist schedule in Bangkok, according to the recommendations of its Arab guests .. Read more

Tourist schedule in Bangkok for 4 days

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We tried to get to know the most important tourist attractions in Bangkok, which are interesting for all groups and ages of tourists
Arabs during the 4-year Bangkok tourism program

First day: a tour of the most famous landmarks of Bangkok

Bangkok with its temples, museums and cultural centers that show the beauty of art and architecture
Thai Asian between past and present, the most beautiful site mostly on the banks of the Chao River
The charming Fraya as we will see during our first day tours of a fun tourist schedule in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace Bangkok

The most important and famous attractions that no tourist programs in Bangkok can not be free from visiting.

The palace is located on the Chao Phraya River and dates back to the year 1782 when Bangkok was taken as the capital of the country. It is characterized by the multiplicity of its domed buildings and its Buddhist statues made of gold, in addition to the throne hall and Sima stones, which are valued by its courtyard and rich gardens .. Read more

Chao Phraya River

The most important place to visit when planning a tourist schedule in Bangkok is its artery
The main thing that gives her life and provide her visitors with vital pleasure and refreshment.

The importance of the river from its distinguished location, which makes it pass through a number of the most important tourist attractions in
Bangkok is like the Grand Palace, Wat Arun Temple and the Rolling Wheel, with a group of hotels
And high-end apartment buildings.

During your trip, you can be delighted with a boat or ferry trip that travels between Bangkok’s attractions.

Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok

Your next destination after a fun trip through Chao Phraya to the west to witness the most important and famous thing that can be included in the Bangkok tourist program, it is the Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun, this artistic painting that you can hold for life with a camera image, where the unique architectural style and the golden towers that sparkle In splendor with sunrise or sunset .. Read more

Wat Pho Temple

The world-famous landmark, so you will be fortunate if you travel to Thailand and put it on a tourist schedule in your Bangkok, where the world’s oldest Buddhist temple and a 15-meter-high gold-covered concrete Buddha statue ranks as one of the tallest Buddha statues around the world.

The National Museum of Bangkok

The main attractions of Bangkok for everyone who loves to know the history of Thai cities over
Its ages and historical eras, and the best that can be placed within programs
Tourist in Bangkok

The history of the museum dates back to the era of Rama V, who decided to put the most important possessions he inherited from his father in order for generations to easily get acquainted with the history of their country, and the most important thing in the museum is the English signs that explain the history of each piece smoothly.

Where do you eat

The surrounding of the National Museum includes several local and international restaurants of various nationalities, but we recommend it to you during a tourist schedule in Bangkok, Indian Rainbow Restaurant which has very good reviews of tourists.

Rainbow Restaurant location on the map from here

Day 2: Entertainment in Bangkok

It is not expected that Bangkok is full of many zoos, game cities and parks
Entertainment that attracts the attention of Arab families to visit in order to recreate their children.

Siam Park City Bangkok

One of the most beautiful places to put on a tourist schedule in Bangkok if your trip with family and children.

The park is the largest and oldest game city in Bangkok. It is characterized by its electric toys that are suitable for families of all ages, in addition to a special section for water games and swimming pools and the largest artificial lake in the world surrounded by figures of different animals suitable as heroes for a photo session .. Read more

Safari World Bangkok

The best places that families and young fans of exciting adventures put in their Bangkok tour schedule, where they can watch and photograph dozens of
Pets, predators, flocks of birds and reptiles without cages as if they were
In its natural environment.

There is no need to fear, as the park has sections and moves in the predatory department are carried out inside armored vehicles and accompanied by trained guards .. Read more

Lumpini Park

Enjoy what can be visited during a tourist schedule in Bangkok, which is a free park ideal for families separating you from the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes it a good opportunity to relax before engaging in the activities of Bangkok that never sleeps and always vibrant.

The park is distinguished by the statue of its founder, King Rama VI, and the tropical gardens, green lakes and quiet lagoons that roam small boats enjoying the paddle, in addition to the musical festivals you see from time to time .. Read more

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

The most attractive place for children when designing a tourist schedule in Bangkok for a family trip,
Where to navigate between huge panoramic aquariums with about 30 thousand fish species
Colorful coral reefs from everywhere in the world.

The huge water park is located within the building of Siam Paragon Mall and is suitable for both adults and children activities, as it also features diving and boating activities .. Read more

Where do you eat

Many good Thai and international restaurants including seafood restaurants
Close to Sea Life, the ocean world, including Siam Paragon Mall, but outside
We recommend Senghor Sassi Italian Restaurant for Halal Meals.

Senju Sassi restaurant location on the map from here

The third day: the streets of Bangkok

Like its distinctive popular markets, Bangkok has long popular commercial streets
And multi-activity, as we will see during our tours, among the most beautiful tourist schedule in Bangkok, prepared for you.

Khao San Street

A popular street that extends up to 1 km depends on budget-minded tourists who organize a tourist program in Bangkok for a short period, where they can stay in cheap hotels and guest houses with cheap souvenir shopping from street vendors. The street also provides cheap popular restaurants and cafes that are usually crowded.

Arab Street in Bangkok

Where you can find an Arab Islamic community that makes you feel as if you did not go out of your homeland with what the street provides of Halal (Indian / Iranian / Arab) eastern cafes and restaurants good and cheap, hotels and hotel apartments, shops selling various items at low prices, and finally the famous Thai spa that relaxes the nerves and filtered For mind a number of health clubs, the bottom line is that you will feel enjoying the most beautiful tourist schedule in Bangkok

The hanging train

Besides the enjoyment of looking at traditional means of transportation and people moving around as little icons below you while you are riding a suspended train like a cable car, we are glad to inform you that this is the primary and fastest means of transport that will roam you in the streets of Bangkok and among its most important features during your vacation, so, prepare for this fun mode of transportation at Draw your Bangkok tourist schedule.

Where do you eat

You must be feeling hungry, and we have placed you in a tourist schedule in Bangkok many Arab or Indian Street restaurants, a haven for Arab tourists visiting Bangkok, who are not fond of local food, as the street is filled with dozens of good halal restaurants on both sides .. Read more

Day 4: Bangkok Markets

Be filled
Bangkok’s trendy malls are gigantic and eye catching with shopping options
Fine and varied and the forms of entertainment you feel like you have wrapped the whole world in and you
Your place.

MBK Mall

One of the largest and most famous malls of Bangkok and the most popular among locals and foreign tourists that can not be missed when preparing a tourist schedule in Bangkok, as it provides about two thousand stores distributed on 8 floors to sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronic and electrical appliances from the most luxurious international brands.

Terminal 21 complex

The coolest malls you can visit while drawing a tourist schedule
Bangkok, starting with the idea of ​​designing an architectural style that resembles airports.

The wonderful idea of ​​the mall comes from how you feel as if you are wrapping the countries of the world while you are inside without moving, because every floor of the mall includes products, restaurants and cafes of one or more countries in the world.

Asia Tech Night Market

From the two shopping destinations that distinguish the Asiatic Mall, next to the huge mall that houses it
About 1,500 high-end shops and 40 elegant restaurants, a night market sells souvenirs and cheap gifts
It provides entertainment shows that attract the attention of families and children visiting the city while implementing a schedule
Tourist in Bangkok for a few days.

Where do you eat

Malls of Bangkok are distinguished for their varied restaurants, particularly the Terminal Mall, which forms different lives and cultures around the world, including meals.

At the end of a tour schedule in Bangkok and after visiting the night market, you can have a delicious meal at the Masala of India Restaurant, or a dessert / snack with juice / warm drink in the “O Bon Bon” cafe with high ratings.

Masala of India Restaurant location on the map from here

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