Zalmsi is one of the best cities that exist in Austria, because it contains many tourist places that attract many visitors from all over the world, and therefore it is a great source of attraction for tourist trips on holidays and vacations, and therefore we will remind you the most important places that can be visited In Zalmsi city during your trip to Austria.

Best Tours in Zell am See:

Zalmsi is considered one of the tourist attractions in Austria, because it contains a large number of ancient tourist attractions in addition to the landscapes that admire many visitors, who come to see the city and enjoy the ways of entertainment in it, and it is one of the most important places that we advise you to visit during your trip To Zalmsi city are:

First: A trip to Lake Zell:

Lake Zell is one of the most important tourist places that exist in the city of Zalmsi, because it is one of the most beautiful natural places in it, and it is a great source of attraction for many visitors from different parts of the country, where the lake is located between two mountains and this makes it with a wonderful and distinctive view, Where to visit Lake Zell is one of the unique and never forgotten carpets, in addition to that it is a natural and therapeutic places also in the city.
There are also many boats available at Lake Zell, which can be rented and wading inside the lake at great distances, in order to enjoy the waters of the lake and also the beautiful and charming landscape that surrounds the lake from all directions. There are also some other means of entertainment, including sports Swimming, as well as water skiing, is a place for water sports enthusiasts as well as landscape enthusiasts, as there are also lanes dedicated to hiking and watching this wonderful view.

Second: A trip to Mount Schmidten Hoh:

Schmitten huh is one of the most important places that must be visited in the city of Zalmsi in Austria, because it is a high-altitude mountain, where the height of the mountain reaches more than two thousand meters and this is from the surface of the sea, and the mountain is distinguished by its distinguished view from its summit on The whole city and Austria in general, and there are many activities that can be done at the Schmitten Hoh mountain where skiing can be practiced on the mountain, during the winter because snow covers the entire mountain, and ski equipment can be obtained through the centers on the top of the mountain , Which also provides professional coaches to teach Junior people to ski.
You can also ride a cable car and enjoy the most beautiful scenery through this cable car tour. Not only that, there are also many paths through which you can walk on the mountain. There are also some cafes and restaurants for the most delicious meals that can be rested before completing the tour and reaching the summit. the mountain.

Third: a trip to Carmel Falls:

The Carmel Falls is one of the most important tourist attractions in Zalmsi city, where many tourists come to this place to enjoy the charming nature dominating the place, and watch the height of the waterfall, which reaches approximately four hundred meters. The Caramel Falls have been called as one of the highest waterfalls in the world In terms of height, so the water when it descends creates fog around it and this makes the waterfall its own amazing view.
Where you can spend a fun and special time through your exploratory trip to the site where the waterfall is located, where during your arrival to the waterfall you will enjoy watching the green lands that contain a lot of large pine trees, in addition to the sloping roads and this provides fun and excitement for visitors, there is also a dedicated area About waterfalls and called the water world, which has many different and multiple entertainment, especially for children, and also a lot to discover about the waterfall.

Fourth: A trip to the old quarter:

The old quarter is one of the most famous places in the city of Zalmsi, and it includes a lot of tourist attractions, and the old quarter is one of the neighborhoods that have many old historical buildings, in addition to artistic paintings, there are also some old buildings in the old neighborhood that are one Among the most important tourist attractions in the city of Zell am See, among which is the famous Stadt Museum, through which you can get to know the civilization of the ancient city of Zell am See, in addition to the famous St. Hippolyte Church, which it considers many of the most beautiful landmarks of Zell am See.
And your tour in the old neighborhood will not end on that only, as you can sit in one of the restaurants on both sides of the neighborhood that have the most delicious local food, in addition to cafes as well, which have hot drinks, and there is also a large group of shops for shopping lovers And bring goods and gifts that remind them of this wonderful and attractive place in Austria.

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