Using the appropriate and useful travel and tourism applications saves the traveler a lot of time, effort and money as well. Because the application market includes thousands of aids, which makes the choice difficult, we offer you on the Arab Travelers website this list. List of the best travel and tourism applications for the year 2020 AD includes a variety of applications Free downloadable on both Android and iPhone phones.

Best travel and tourism apps for 2020


“Grab” app got high reviews from travel and tourism app users this year. The idea of ​​the application is to provide airport restaurant menus in 17 airports around the world where the traveler can save time, choose the type of food, sometimes order it in advance and pick it up before boarding the plane.

Who does not need on the go to a safe place to take a year to sleep, use the bathroom, or even rest a few hours before the trip? app has 75% discount on room reservations for over 3,000 hotels worldwide for casual use.Travel and tourism applications


Hostelworld helps you get to know and choose from 33,000 small hotel inns around the world. This group also includes places to share rooms.Travel and tourism applications


If you love traveling while you travel, you need an application like Sidekix that helps you choose the best roads and streets to walk through. Sidekix differs from the rest of the travel and tourism apps that are interested in maps because it does not offer you the shortest, or the least crowded road, but the way that best suits your desires and preferences. The application can also help you find your favorite places such as cafes, art galleries, etc. in more than 100 cities around the world.


A new traffic application, but it is suitable for those who depend on the phone while driving, as the application provides simplified traffic instructions in the form of sound alerts.


Rideways application allows its users the freedom to reserve the appropriate means of transportation from the airport, whether it is a car, bus or even trains. The application user puts the data of his trip such as arrival times, and the name of the arrival hall so the application displays the options available in more than 500 cities around the world.Travel and tourism applications


It is a travel and tourism application with simple ideas that aims to reduce the tension caused by trips. The application plays some tones in a specific way that relax the traveler, which helps him sleep or increase the focus as desired.Travel and tourism applications


It is a very useful travel and tourism application and we recommend it for every traveler. The idea of ​​the application is to provide information about health risks, political turmoil, environmental threats while providing abundant information about the crimes and threats that have occurred in this place recently. Travel and tourism applications are no longer a luxury because they allow the traveler information Necessary specials and low price offers that may not be available anywhere.

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