We chose for you a group of the best tourist destinations for travel in 2016, some of which may seem familiar to you and others may not seem familiar, in addition to that we will provide a number of useful tips that will help you in planning a wonderful tourism trip in each tourist destination of the chosen tourist destinations:

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Traveling to the Mexican island of Cozumel in 2016 will be easier and less expensive than it was in previous years, after there is a new shipping company that organizes trips to the island of Cozumel, a company “Barcos Caribe Cozumel” that transports people from the city of Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel Island, when you arrive on the island you can go to visit the “Parque Benito Juarez” National Park, where you can walk around the beautiful gardens and water fountains and use the free wireless internet service, and then you can go to “Clear Lounge Cozumel” which is the first stop for divers and a feeding station Oxygen under pain In the world.

Dive enthusiasts can practice their favorite sport in the north of the island, which is the ideal area for watching coral reefs and aquatic life under the surface of the water, but for those who wish to observe the stars, they can do so by going to visit the new astronomical observatory on the island, “Cha’an Ka” an Cozumel Planetarium ”.

The best time to visit Cozumel is between January and July, but be sure to avoid visiting the island during the annual spring break.



The “HAIDA GWAII” islands in Canada are a group of beautiful uninhabited islands where he lives in these 150 islands, only about 5,000 people. The two main islands of the group “HAIDA GWAII” islands, which contain the necessary facilities to receive tourist visitors are “Graham” Island, “Moresby” and the average number of visitors to these islands is 24 thousand visitors annually, and one of the most famous tourist attractions is “HAIDA GWAII”: Gwaii Park National Haanas, to visit more amazing attractions in the islands of “HAIDA GWAII”, you can try to book a tourist trip through the tourist company “Steppes Travel”, which offers many offers of tourist trips, including the package of its new tourist trips and includes the opportunity to stay for seven nights on Board the century-old “Swell” tugboat It has been converted into a cruise ship that contains 6 cabins and can accommodate 15 passengers. The company also organizes whale watching trips, wildlife exploration, wildlife exploration trips, wild black bears monitoring and bald punishment, in addition to that there are trips to visit cultural sites on the islands that include the town of “SGang” Agway Haida ”which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there you can see the ancient stone relics and totem pillars, and the best date to visit during the period between May and September.

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Since Scotland opened the “North Coast 500 ″ Ring Road, it has become easy to reach many beautiful and remote tourist areas in the country, and now travelers can reach the rural and rugged natural areas of the country by car, bike or even on foot, and recently it has become There are more low-cost flights to Aberdeen provided by Icelandair, making it easier than ever to reach the popular city of Inverness, close to Aberdeen.

You can try driving your car on the “North Coast 500 طريق which extends for a length of 500 miles where you can stop from time to time on your journey on the road to see the beautiful natural areas by the road or eat food, and you can also visit the different historical and cultural monuments in the country, and the best time to visit is season Summer when the day extends until eleven pm.

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The Azores group of nine islands is located in Portugal and during the past months the cost of visiting these islands has become less than it was in the past, after the start of my company “Ryanair”, “EasyJet” to fly since last spring season by providing low-cost flights from cities such as London and Lisbon to Ponta Delgada, the main city on the island of “Sao Miguel” in the Azores.

The Azores Islands contain a 450-mile network of roads on the “Santa Maria” island, which will help you to explore this beautiful island, attractions and natural areas within it. There you will also find the wonderful “Charming Blue” hotel that will open soon and which will provide 15 wonderful hotel units , On the island of “Sao Miguel” in the Azores, you can go to see the volcanic rock formations on the island and contemporary art enthusiasts can enjoy watching contemporary artworks at the contemporary arts center on the island, and you can also stay in the wonderful “Furnas” hotel which contains 55 rooms Hotel and spa R. Ia.

You can visit the island in any month throughout the year, but it is preferable to avoid visiting the islands during the rainy season, which is between November and March.

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