Traveling to Italy is one of the oldest and most beautiful tourist trips in the world, so you can enjoy antiquities, nature, arts and festivals. Therefore, it is not surprising that Italy always comes on top of tourist destinations in the world, especially as it includes many cities and beaches. During the travel to Italy, tourists fall into a group of mistakes as a result Lack of knowledge of the nature of the country or its laws and the prevailing custom in it. On this topic we monitor the most famous of these errors.

The most common mistakes when traveling to Italy

Traveling to Italy

Not to reserve tickets for entering tourist places in advance

Tourist places in Italy, especially the famous ones, such as the Pisa Tower, or art galleries and cathedrals, are witnessing a high number of tourists. Although the tour itself may not take up to one hour, it is advisable to book tickets to enter the famous tourist sites only in advance via the Internet before traveling.

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Traveling to Italy

Unconfirmed reservation of local train tickets

The railways company in Italy issues train tickets for trains between the provinces and inner cities, valid for a long period of up to two months sometimes. The tourist needs to confirm the reservation of these tickets before traveling to choose the appropriate train date as these tickets are issued without numbers or dates. Sufficient, the traveler may face a fine.

Not to put the name and surname when booking tickets for sleep trains

One of the important information when traveling to Italy is that the sleeper train staff asks passengers in the train booths to show their IDs to ensure that they match the tickets.Traveling to Italy

Reliance on tourist cards and checks

Although Italy is an ancient country, there are some rural villages and remote tourist provinces that do not accept payment of tourist checks or credit cards.

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If your trip includes visiting distant areas of major cities, eating in local restaurants or staying in small hostels, keep cash.

Not to change the currency at the airport

Automated teller machines are very crowded in major tourist cities in Italy, and parking in front of them becomes a waste of time. Money changer offices also deduct a large percentage of money when changing foreign currencies, so it is advised to change the currency in advance.

Traveling during labor strikes

Travel to Italy should not be dependent on just the right time for you, but rather that there are no labor strikes there. Rail strikes, public transport drivers, or taxi drivers are part of the culture of the italyn people and are repeated periodically. Trade unions are keen to announce the dates of strikes And its places long before its contract in order not to cause harm to the economy, so you only need to follow the news bulletins and know the schedule of strikes to put on it your flight schedule.

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