Big Chefs Restaurant Istanbul is one of the best Istanbul restaurants on the sea that serves international dishes, and which enjoys fame reached all over the world, and has branches in many tourist cities of Turkey such as, the capital city of Ankara, the famous city of Bursa, the city of Mersin and others, Besides many branches distributed within the important neighborhoods of Istanbul, such as the coastal Kadikoy Istanbul, the ancient Trabia Istanbul and the Levent Istanbul area, among others, in addition to its branches around the world.
The Baiq Chef trip started from Ankara in 2007, until the number of its branches has reached 50 today, and it is characterized by its most warm home décor, its intimate atmosphere that gives its customers a feeling of comfort, and its outdoor sessions overlooking the sea.
Beyk Chef restaurant in Istanbul

Food is famous for serving Bey Chef Istanbul

Beyk Chef is one of the restaurants of the Trabia Istanbul region, which specializes in serving international dishes in particular, with some types of traditional Turkish dishes and state food, and the most famous dishes are Turkish and international pizza of all kinds, pasta and noodles, meat, along with types of hamburger sandwiches, natural juices and cocktails, as visitors can also Have the best breakfast in Istanbul at Beyk Chef.

Big Chef restaurant in Istanbul

The Big Chef menu consists of 46 illustrated pages that includes the image of the dish, with a crack of its components, and it starts with breakfast dishes and different types of eggs.
Then comes cold and hot starters and soup dishes, followed by different types of salads, then various dishes of tortilla, taco, and hamburger.
Types of pizza and pasta, and then kofta, end the list with desserts, ice cream and other international sweetener dishes, followed by soft and cold drinks, and smoothies, along with traditional Turkish tea, and other herbal soaked, Turkish and international.
The price of an individual lunch and dinner is 135 TL, which is equivalent to $ 23, while breakfast, Faisal has a price of 40 TL, equivalent to $ 7.
The one-person meal includes a salad plate, soup, two types of appetizers, the main course and, of course, a dessert dish, and one of the types of drinks.

Extracts from the menu of Beyk Chef Istanbul restaurant

Beyk Chef Istanbul

Big Chef Istanbul

Beyk Chef in Istanbul

Beyk Chef Istanbul

Bug Chef in Istanbul

Big Chef Restaurant

For more details about the restaurant, its dishes, and reservation methods, please visit its official website from here.

Opening hours at Beyk Chef Istanbul

Everyday from 9:30 in the morning until 12 midnight.

Istanbul restaurant reviews

Big Chef’s ratings have reached 85% thanks to his general ambiance and the international dishes he serves, and many Arab restaurant visitors have described the financial value as appropriate, and the level of public cleanliness has achieved ratings that have reached 100% for some, and the methods of serving dishes have won the approval of all its visitors.
Drinks and desserts have had a lion’s share in positive visitor comments, particularly natural juices, banana ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Attractions near Istanbul chef restaurant

Belgrade Istanbul Forest is 9.7 km, 1.4 km from Osmanbey Istanbul Street, Amirjan Istanbul Park 4,9 km, and Istinye Park Istanbul 5 km.

Emirgan Istanbul garden near Big Chef Istanbul restaurant

Hotels near Beyk Chef Istanbul restaurant

Grand Trabia Istanbul Hotel is one of the important 5 star Istanbul hotels on the sea, and it is 950 m from Beyk Chef Istanbul Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received great reviews regarding the views of the site and its proximity to the services, the professionalism of the staff, the level of hygiene and the quality of the food.
Hotel reservation
Somerset Maslak Istanbul is one of the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, 7.8 km from Beyk Chef Istanbul Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments are rated great by facilities, staff, amenities, cleanliness, and location.
Hotel reservation

Istanbul chef restaurant website

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