Bihar state of India

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Bihar state of India

Bihar is one of the 25 Indian states, located astronomically along a longitude of 85.13 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude of 25.37 degrees north of the equator. It is located geographically in the northern side of India, and its land area is 99,200 km², and it is divided administratively into thirty-eight provinces. The meaning of its name is in Sanskrit Derboudi, and it is officially known as Behar Sharif.

Geography of Bihar

  • Its geographical borders: It is bordered on the western side by the state of Uttar Pradesh, alone on the south side by the state of Jharkand, and bordered on the eastern side by West Bengal, and bordered on the north by the state of Nepal.
  • Landforms: Its terrain varies between flat plains, rivers such as the Ganges, mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, hills and hills such as the Shotanagpur Plateau, and the Brajmahal Hills.
  • the climate: The seasonal tropical climate prevails, and the rainy season extends from June to the month of October, the hot season from March to June, and the cold season from November to February.

From the history of Bihar

  • Kingdoms of the early Vedic period were established before 1500 BC.
  • It became the capital of the Bala family that ruled India in the tenth century AD.
  • In it, many Buddhist monks were killed in the twelfth century AD by the Islamic conquest, which was led by Muhammad bin Bakhtiar Khalaji.
  • It was called a province in the year 1936 AD, and in 1947 AD it was known as the State.

Bihar’s economy

  • The agricultural sector whose main crops are corn, rice, vegetables, barley, wheat, tobacco and sugar cane.
  • The sector of extraction and production of minerals such as copper, phosphate, iron, kyanite and bauxite.
  • The industrial sector such as iron, cement, fertilizers, glass, silk, jute, and the petrochemical and food industries.

The capital of Bihar

The city of Batna is the administrative capital of Bihar, and it was in the days of the reign of the Magada Empire in the name of Battalipufra, located geographically in the western side of India, specifically on the bank of the South Ganges, and astronomically located on a longitude 85.08 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude 25.36 degrees north of the equator, It is 16 kilometers wide, 35 kilometers long, and 53 meters above sea level, and its inhabitants speak Hindi, Maithaliah, Bujuburiya and Majadia. The city has the advantage of being:

  • It was classified in terms of ease of starting business in the year 2009 AD as the second city after New Delhi, according to the World Bank classification.
  • The most important centers for Arabic manuscripts, as they contain the Khedal Bakhsh Al Sharqiya Public Library, which includes more than twenty books and manuscripts.

General information about Bihar

  • Its inhabitants speak several languages ​​with multiple dialects, most notably the Bihar-Hindi and Urdu languages.
  • The Indian Rupee denoted by Rs is its official currency.

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